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Weekend Reading [11/21-11/23] :: Never Alone & Author Following

Happy Friday dear readers! Getting a late start on the weekend reading post because I had to go fight the good fight that is grocery shopping today. Yuck! While I was winding my way through Walmart though I happened to spot paperbacks of BREAKING OUT and DEADLY PURSUIT by Nina Croft which both earned 4 star ratings here. It was pretty cool to see my girl Crystal from RBtWBC quoted in the front of Breaking Out! Totally worth the tiny detour I took to slide through the book aisle. ☻

Do you ever get excited when you see bloggers you 'know' featured in books?

This weekend I'm going on a Hard Ink series binge. I never got time to read HARD TO HOLD ON TO when it came out because of review commitments and not getting an ARC of it. So I figured if I'm going to spend the weekend in my ARC of HARD TO COME BY, I should probably just do a back-to-back. I think it says something to Laura's talent as a writer that I've followed her from her paranormal romances into the romantic suspense genre. I don't like RS if I'm being honest but I love this series. If you haven't started the series yet and have been considering romantic suspense reading I highly recommend it!

I'm so excited that I even pre-ordered Hard As Steel: A Hard Ink/Raven Riders Crossover as soon as Laura mentioned the link was up... because I had been begging her to write a Raven Riders series after Hard Ink finished. ;) Can't wait for that!

I am taking a bit of a break from shit this weekend though. I'm pretty burned out—I usually hit this around Thanksgiving every year—on everything right now. RL is pretty exhausting from October through the new year and blogging has been extra crazy. I thrive on chaos and last-minute pressure but sometimes it's just too much. So I'm planning to cut my social media time (I love finding good stuff to share with you guys but it can be a time suck without end) and catch up on some TV shows with my husband.

Instead of being online a lot over the weekend like usual I'm planning to play the game NEVER ALONE. I heard about it on The Mary Sue ages ago and made sure they emailed me when it was released. I haven't gamed beyond tablet crap in months and honestly, I'm not sure I'm going to like it but I loved two things about it enough to spend my $$. #1: that it has a non-white female protagonist and #2: that it was made by a company that's "the first indigenous- owned commercial game company in the United States". I want more shit like that in my gaming. If you're a fellow gamer please check out Never Alone.

Anywho... it's my eldest kid's birthday this weekend too so I've got a house full of teenagers and a preschooler who is feeling excluded. Time to put on my cape and go be super mom! Hope your weekend rocks and won't you please leave me a comment telling me what you're reading this weekend? xo -- Rhi

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