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Weekend Reading [11/14-11/16] :: More YA on the blog & why I'm stabby today

 Is it Sunday yet?

Not what you were expecting to read at the opening of this post eh? ;)

October was exhausting. It ended. I had 1 day "off" and then my cousin came out for hunting season. So I've had about two weeks of extra dogs and chaos capping off the autumn. Because for me... winter has arrived. Yep, subzero temps this week with plenty of snow.

I'm in a stabby mood today. So much dog barf on my carpets. Someone spilled Dr. Pepper and rum on my couch. I found a pigeon head on my doorstep one of these mornings. Plus, the wee one has been having night terrors. I'm behind on all of my shows except for TWD and try though I might my reading time has been minimal. But I am pretty proud of my #HoHoHoRAT participation last weekend, I really didn't have the time I wanted for it but I did pretty good.

Now I'm sitting on a backlog from hell of reviews needing to be written and posts for December that are half-finished. So send me happy thoughts as my cousin leaves tomorrow... I will be shampooing carpets, doing tons of laundry, installing a new thermostat, scrubbing bathrooms, steam cleaning the couch, and hopefully finding a tiny slice of reading time in there. So what am I reading this weekend? Funny you should ask...

I'm planning to move a little more YA back onto the blog going into the new year. As much as I love erotica, urban fantasy, and adult romances I've been missing out on lots of books I've wanted to read in YA simply because I wasn't getting ARCs or offered them for the books I want to promote. So this weekend I am juggling these titles in no particular order:

And all 4 are freaking stellar so far. As you can see I like exotic worlds, fantasy, and supernatural elements in my YA quite a bit. Be watching for reviews of all of these either later this month or in December.

Well, the mail just arrived and I have a bunch of review product packages—and a prize I won from author Roxanne Snopek!!!—to go crazy tearing open and I have to attempt to get dressed for going out in this ratty weather too. Best be on my merry way. Leave a comment telling me what you're reading this weekend! ♥ -- Rhi

P.S. -- thanks to everyone who left me messages on Facebook on my birthday last weekend. I had a really amazing birthday for the first time in years. Maybe my best ever. Not my friend there? I use the account just for blogging so feel free to friend me and send a message that you're a Rhireader so I know who you are! ☻

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