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Gift Guide: Bookish Creations by FROM THE PAGE [Interview + Promo Code!]

Dear Rhireaders,

As you know I am always on the lookout for wonderful books to share with you, but also clever bookish goodies to make your life amazing. Over the summer I worked on the start of a list of gifts I thought would be extra special for readers and my favorite discovery was a little Etsy shop called, FROM THE PAGE. I loved the cleverly themed candles and lipbalms so much, that I decided it deserved it's very own feature post and invited shop owner, Callie Meaney, to be interviewed here. Please give a warm welcome to Callie and tell me in the comments which bookish creation in her shop you love best or if you don't see a favorite, which book do you wish had a candle or lipbalm in her shop!

Welcome to RhiReading, Callie! I just adore your creations and I think my readers will each find something they'd love to give or receive this holiday season.

There are lots of yummy scented candles out there but only a handful that I have come across that take inspiration from books. Can you tell us a little bit about the history of your shop and why you chose books over say films or fandoms?

My house has always been filled with candles, so when I saw a tutorial on how to make one, I decided to give it a go.  I’d also always loved Etsy, so when the candles I made came out well, I became really excited to try to sell them.  I knew, though, that there were so many candles out there, that I really needed a hook to get people interested.  Since reading is one of my favorite things ever, I started to think about scents that came from book scenes!  I scanned a few of my favorites, and once I started noticing the descriptions, the ideas kind of spiraled from there!

With bookish inspirations ranging from popular Young Adult fiction from authors like John Green and Cassandra Claire, classics like Sherlock Holmes and Jane Eyre, Fantasy favorites like Tolkien and the Song of Fire and Ice series, there's something for just about every reader in your shop. 

(Readers, I hope you've been nice this year you're going to be wishing for these!)

With so many fun bookish fandoms represented I thought it'd be fun to do a lightning 'round of easy answer questions so we can get to know you a little:

If you were fighting in The Hunger Games what would your weapon be?

I’d say a katana! (Think Michonne’s sword in Walking Dead) I probably wouldn’t make it long, but I’d go out in style.

You're divergent, which factions do you show apptitude for?

I want to say Dauntless to sound cool, but I’d really lean toward Erudite, since I’m a big nerd and I love to learn things.

You'd probably be great at potions or transfiguration thanks to your business, what would your worst Hogwarts subject be?

Defense Against the Dark Arts, most likely…although probably more because the teachers were crazy.  But I’d join Dumbledore’s Army for extra practice. ;)

If you lived in the world of a Song of Fire and Ice what would be your house sigil?

My sigil would be a sloth because a) they’re cute and b) they sleep and don’t move around a whole lot, and I would be hiding from all the frightening things and people out to kill me in Westeros.

You've been stranded on a desert island with your three favorite book characters, who are they?

So hard! Hm, I’d have to say Liesel from The Book Thief, Samwise Gamgee, and Hermione Granger.  First of all, I think they’d keep me entertained with their stories. Secondly, they’ve all been through much worse than a desert island, so I think they could get us out of there!

What are you currently reading, or if you're between books, what was the last great book you read?

The last great book I read was “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes. It’s about a man that is paralyzed in an accident and a woman who goes to work for him.  Both of them are changed by each other, and it raises a lot of questions about disabilities and medical choices.  I had such a strong emotional reaction to it--my friends always joke that I love sad books, but I think that’s because sad stories tend to stick in your memory.  It’s cathartic sometimes, to cry with characters, and it’s a real testament to how good the story is.

The holiday season is upon us! Earlier this month I participated in a holiday read-a-thon where readers chose winter/holiday themed books to read which was really fun. Which of your scent creations would you recommend to set a holiday mood?

I have a “Whoville” candle returning for Christmas that’s perfect to get in the spirit!  It smells like gingerbread, icing, and cinnamon.  It will make any room smell like a gingerbread house!

Thank you so much for this mini-interview, Callie, I hope my readers enjoyed meeting you and will find great gift ideas at FROM THE PAGE. Last question, will you have anything special happening in the shop for the holidays such as new scents, special sales or promo codes?

I’m creating a new scent for the holidays called “Hogwarts at Christmas” which will have pine and fir scents! I’m also doing a Black Friday week promotion where you can receive 10% your orders! Just use the code “TENOFF” until November 29!

Thanks so much for your interest in From the Page! I am willing to do custom orders or wholesale, and just love hearing people’s thoughts and ideas on my products! Message me on Etsy or e-mail fromthepagecandles@gmail.com if you have any questions or requests!

Rhireaders you can keep up to date on FROM THE PAGE on Facebook, Instagram, and tumblr.


Unknown said...

You are so bad on my wallet, Rhianna! Not only are you constantly adding to my TBR pile, but your Etsy addiction is starting to rub off on me too. I'm trying my damnest to budget for the holidays, and here you are tempting me to buy gifts for myself instead of others.

Carmel @ Rabid Reads.

Rhianna said...

;) Seriously, I wound up buying 6 candles from Callie's shop for myself. I'm blaming it on the fact it was my birthday but still... 6 candles? lol In my defense I bought her two holiday scents to burn during the holidays.

Thanks for dropping by Carmel! ♥


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