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Weekend Reading [10/17-10/19] :: Hops, Giveaways, & Halloween Plans

Yay it's the weekend! October is a month of almost non-stop activity for me. A lot of personal holidays start on the first and don't stop until Christmas. I am going to be utterly wiped by then. But I'm also someone who thrives on chaos up to a point so I enjoy the excitement. I just wish I didn't let myself get so stressed out. Today is actually the first real rest day I've had since the month started. Yesterday was our daughter's 5th birthday! If you've been around since the first year of the blog you might remember me announcing her birth it's pretty neat to get to look back at that post and realizing how much time really has passed.

This weekend I'm planning to finish decorating for Halloween and writing up my menu and grocery list for our Halloween party next Friday. Which means it might be a little quiet around the blog from Wednesday-Sunday next week. Will you be attending or hosting a Halloween bash this year?

Over the weekend I'm reading Julie Kagawa's TALON which I'm kind of not sure about yet. I'm not sure how I feel about the world building yet. Tonight I'm going to sit down and devour THE PROTECTOR by J. Evans which looks nice and suspenseful but sexy. Sunday I'll sit down and format a ton of posts for the coming weeks and hopefully get a handful of reviews I owe done. Sometimes when I really love a book I have a harder time writing about it than when I don't.

I am also taking part in two Halloween themed hops giving away spooky books and if you haven't taken the time to enter yet click up there in the sidebar at the top for the HUGE Outlander complete series giveaway myself and 9 other bloggers joined up to do. I wish I could enter it myself! Have a fab weekend and don't forget to leave a comment telling me what you're reading. -- Rhi

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