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Weekend Reading [10/03-10/05] :: Zombies & Milestones

Happy Friday Rhireaders! Did you survive the week unscathed? I had the kind of week where the first three days felt like an eternity and then BAM it was today. But it was a great week really here are the highlights:

• The blog turned 6 on Wednesday!
• I won not one, not two, not three... but six giveaways this week. As I love giving stuff away, so too do I love to win books and goodies. Want to win something great too? Be sure you enter the blogiversary giveaway, it ends this weekend!
• Thursday my man and I celebrated our 15th anniversary. We never make it a big deal and then he planned this elaborate surprise spa day for me. A mani, a pedi, a haircut, and a brow wax. I hadn't had any of those in almost a year and a half. I feel like a million bucks to say the least.
• It also snowed yesterday... but didn't stick and was gorgeous out today. I got the first part of my Halloween costume bought and had a wonderful lunch at my favorite restaurant with the hubs today.

Which brings me to reading... this weekend I have a TON of playing catch-up to do with reviews. And a couple of books that I have to focus on. MY SO-CALLED UNDEATH (Dead High #2) by Stacey Jay is my main focus, because dudes she is one of my favorite authors... and people. Stacey is as cool as they come and this is the only one of her books I hadn't yet read. Mostly because it's more of a lower-YA but she's rereleasing it so I'm helping spread the word. :)

I'm also working on the My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories anthology which I am just not getting into at all. I can hardly read more than a page before I get distractable. Wish me luck, I want it finished this weekend so I can be done with it.

On that note I need to flee. It's a MTG night and we haven't played since spring so I have to go find my cards and get ready to go. Hope your weekend rocks! -- Rhi

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