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Review: The Protector by J. Evans

The Arrangement: The Protector (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Jessie Evans 
Fanfiction, Romance
Ebook (88 pages, KINDLE WORLDS)
A New Story by J. Evans from the world of H.M. WARD'S THE ARRANGEMENT via KINDLE WORLDS.
**This book features appearances by Sean Ferro**
She'll never be able to go home again...
Aidan Blake's years in the Marines prepared him for a career as a private detective. They didn't prepare him to hunt down the woman he sheltered from bullies back in high school. But Sean Ferro needs beautiful Astor Greer's help to save his fiancee's life and what Ferro wants, Ferro gets.
But soon it becomes clear Ferro isn't the only one hunting the sexy, self-assured woman Aidan's high school crush has become and that Aidan's feelings for Astor are far from a thing of the past. Now Aidan will have to make a choice--honor his promise to a dangerous man or risk everything to protect the woman he was meant to love.
This novella can be read as a stand alone story even if not familiar with H.M. Ward's bestselling serial.
Author Site: website

If like me you heard about Kindle Worlds last year and then forgot all about it... here's a link to how it works: Kindle Worlds.

A sweet & steamy nosh for fans of Ward & Evans (4 stars)

I have to preface this review with a couple of notes. The first being that this was my first experience with a Kindle Worlds read and the second being that I had actually never heard of H.M. Ward's The Arrangement serial. With that in mind, I'm a huge fan of J. Evans (aka Jessie Evans) so I was excited to dabble in these two new-to-me elements under the safe arm of a familiar author.

Because this is fanfiction there's a certain amount of knowledge about the world that was lost on me right away. Fortunately, deep knowledge of the Ferro family saga didn't seem to be essential to enjoy the romance between Aidan and Astor. Their ties to the inspiration material worked in a manner that is what makes fanfiction so fun, they are a part of it but indirectly enough that they wouldn't change the outcome.

I do wish I'd had more time to connect with Astor before this story takes place, she's been through so much, and I was so happy she and Aidan were reconnected. I love a romance that brings people who once had feelings for one another (especially the kind that they never acted on) finally getting their day in the sun together. Aidan could have been a bit more developed but for once I found myself content to just enjoy a hero for the fact that he's a smokin' lover. Seriously... the man has skills I could have read a full length novel on. These two have chemistry for miles.

Overall, a short, suspenseful, and sexy nibble perfect for Evans fans and though I'm not familiar with The Arrangement serial I think I feel safe suggesting fans of it check it out too. It's not every day you see a best selling author rocking some fab fanfic in your favorite world. I usually hate alternating first-person narratives and even more so when in present tense but Evans made it work well enough I only found it bothersome a couple of times. Evans manages to make it a steamy read that still manages to have a sweet, gooey heart underneath that left me smiling like the sap I am.

Notes: Review copy received via author.

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