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Weekend Reading [09/12-09/14] :: On Dust and Introversion

Friday huh? Tuesday felt like it should be Friday and then bam suddenly it was Friday. Anyone else have one of those weird wonky weeks?

It was actually a really productive week for me which has me feeling good about it, some weeks Friday comes and I feel like I have nothing to show for the past week. I don't have an office space thank to the shitty layout of our house so what has become my space is a section of hallway. Which means I could dust my little bookshelf and desk daily... and of course, I don't. So that was my big project (did you see how much crap I put on the floor while I dusted? Yes, I am a swag hoarder. :P

I've also been on a new schedule since school started for my teenager. I am NOT a morning person so getting up at 6AM is like asking me to give up 3 hours of sleep... oh wait... yeah that's exactly what it is. It sucks. So instead of reading until 1 or 2AM I'm in bed and asleep by 11PM. Which is usually when I lay down and start reading. I am all kinds of thrown off. which has meant I'm trying to grab reading time at random. It's worked well so far but I definitely miss reading during quiet hours when no one else is awake.

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What are you plans this weekend? I've been hearing about colds and flus in the street teams I participate in and I would honestly like nothing better than to spend the next couple of days reading (as if you needed me to tell you that). Alas, our Friday nerd night is something I do look forward to since it's the one time a week I get out around other adults... but the plan is to play Rock Band... and I have zero coordination for it. I usually just sing when I play with folks but I've had a sore throat for a few days. would it be totally rude to just bring a book and read while everyone else plays?

Reading... yeah... would much rather do that.

And what are we reading this weekend Rhi-readers? My book is THE BOOK OF IVY, which I am attempting to read by Sunday so I can give a quote for it. We'll see. I kind of suck at being quotable. I might also be reading Rainbow Rowell's FANGIRL in audio. I put it on hold with the library and naturally it came in right now when I have no time for it. Boo!

Well pretties I am off to make some breakfast for the Punk and attempt to read a little. Hope you have an amazing weekend! -- Rhi

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