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Weekend Reading [09/05-09/07] :: Of Clockwork Cats and Claw Covers

TGIF dear readers! I'm two cups of coffee in and still can't quite pry my eyelids into full openness. What a draining week. My eldest kidlet started high school yesterday and it was a mixture of hell-yeah and omg-no emotions. This year they moved the school start back a week which is weird too. Totally throws ya off mentally when they do that.

The youngest just walked by and asked me where her brother is... I guess we're getting back to that stage again. They fight when they're together and yet when they're apart they miss each other. ☺

Do you ever wonder about the antics of my family since I occasionally mention them? You can follow me on istagram and find out who these goofy people who keep me from getting my reading done are. If you do and would love a follow back just leave a comment on a photo telling me you found me through the blog. I love meeting my readers!

Speaking of reading... who has a great read going right now? I've been a bit busier this week than I'd like so I've been reading small bites of THE GIRL AND THE CLOCKWORK CAT and while I work on stuff at my computer I've been nibbling on Neil Gaiman's NEVERWHERE on audio (the BBC dramatization). I just adore James McAvoy in this! Well anything really but the casting in general for this is phenomenal, I already kinda fangirl over Natalie Dormer too but this just solidifies my girl-crush.

I'm also working on WILD FOR YOU by Jessie Evans in audio but I'm kind of hording it because it is so freaking good! I listen to it mostly when I'm cooking and cleaning. If you like contemporary romances you HAAAAAVE to go check out her books, she is amazeballs.

In other news, if you haven't seen my off-topic post from yesterday you need to get on it ASAP. I can hardly believe they are at 50% in a day! My friend who's in the video was down sick yesterday but we had a brief text convo last night and she told me Jaimie (one of the co-founders of EC, the other woman in the video) asked her to thank me for backing when she saw my instagram post of it. I just wanna reach through the web and give her a squish and say "no, thank you for following your dream and making MY dream of having nerd makeup a reality". (Is it just me or does the web need more of this kind of supporting one another and being sweet and gracious and kind to each other happening right now?) Trust me reader geeks you will love this Kickstarter even if you can only back it with a $1 pledge.

(And depending on what I get in my backer rewards you guys will be getting some fun giveaways next spring!)

Anywho... you know the drill darlings! I've got to go dust off my Lord of the Rings extended editions for part one of a movie marathon with friends tonight. (We traded going disc golfing in exchange for one of our friends forcing herself to watch LOTR lol so this ought to be fun). While I'm sweeping away the cobwebs leave a comment telling me what delicious read is holding your weekend captive. ♥ -- Rhi

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! I hope you enjoy the book. :)


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