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RhiReading Un-6th-Blogiversary GIVEAWAY!

My dearest Rhireaders...

In lieu of celebrating my blogiversary on Wednesday I decided to keep it quiet again this year. After all, the only person a blogiversary is really a big deal to is the blogger right? Of course, hitting the 6 year mark is a pretty big accomplishment so I hope that if you're reading this post you'll consider giving me a follow either here or on one of my social media accounts. Without you guys, blogging wouldn't be nearly as fun... I mean it'd still be fun because I like talking to myself but it's definitely nice when someone answers me back. lol

In addition to my book-ish interests you might have noticed what a big geek I am. I decided I wanted to use my blogiversary celebration time as a chance to spread the word on something that's awesome to me that I think a lot of your guys will love. It gives them exposure, gives me an excuse to do a book giveaway, and is win/win for you in that you'll discover a wonderful company doing wonderful stuff that might interest you while getting a chance to win a book. Because free books and nerdy companies are two of my favorite things ever.

So check out these 12 books... kinda random huh?

Well I sat down this past week and picked 12 books that in some way related to or reminded me of the new nail wrap designs from Espionage Cosmetics. Think of them like nail wrap and book pairings. From the obvious ones like FEED/Seanan McGuire and The Hellbound Heart to the less obvious... 

• Moonlight with Lunar Cycle & Perfect Pitch wraps because there are werewolves & the author is an amazing vocalist. 
• Underwater with the Mermaid & Mermaid Variant wraps because the book features merfolk & the author is a Washington native like me and Espionage Cosmetics.
• The Selection with Patriot & Perfect Pitch nail wraps because the heroine's name is America Singer.
• Scarlet with Lunar Phases & Galaxy Wavelengths because it has space themes & the author is from Tacoma, where EC is located. 

And I could go on for each of the others but I know you want to get to the giveaway so I hope you'll enter and spread the word like mad. I'll be doing a fun giveaway when I finally get my backer rewards from my own pledge but you don't want to miss out on the subscription box so check your finances and make a strong pledge!

PLUS... I will add a winner for every 500 entries this giveaway gets up to 3 total winners!

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