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Weekend Reading [08/15-08/17] :: It's okay to not be okay...

Some of my author and blogging pals know I was already having a bad week and then there was the passing of a legendary entertainer. It got a lot of people talking about and looking at mental health issues differently and for the most part it seems like it's been a very good thing. I opened up about my own personal struggles over the years in a private setting and was met with the stories of others and an outpouring of warmth and friendship that just made me glad I had done so.

The truth is I've always been very open about it. Because to be honest, now that I'm out of that cloud of illness, I'm not ashamed of it. At all. Guess what? I was an anorexic. I was dysthymic for more than half of my life. I spent a short period of my life struggling with substance abuse. I was suicidal so often in my teens and early twenties I think I thought about it more often than I wasn't thinking about it. And it's okay that I went through all of that, it's an illness. It's no different than having the flu or cancer or any other illness. 

I wanted to jump on that today to let you—my readers—know that if you're going through something and you need to talk I'm here. I don't have all of the answers but I want you to know I care about you. One of you recently fell on hard times and were uncomfortable asking me to help share your fundraising effort but my readers matter to me. So hey readers, if you can help one of your number with a share or even a few dollars I would appreciate it.

This weekend I'm getting started on BETTING ON JULIA by Nina Croft and so far it's pretty good. After I had a handful of reads I didn't like I was starting to think maybe it was me and then I just had a couple of 5 star reads. Thanks goodness, no blogger wants it to turn out they're in a bad mood and it's affecting the integrity of their reviews. lol What are your plans for the weekend? Got a book that's just rocking your socks? Let me know! -- Rhi

P.S. -- Oh dear here's some thunder. I better post this fast... but I have a giveaway going on over at Rhialistic you may wanna check out!

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