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Weekend Reading [07/04-07/06] :: Companionship & Community, Beer & Fireworks

A very happy Independence Day wish to my fellow Americans and an even bigger TGIF to the rest of ya!

I'm a little late getting this weekend reading up because we hit our town's parade this morning, something we've never done for some odd reason. It was really fun seeing our little girl's excitement over it and we could not have asked for a better bit of weather for it. Overcast, lightly breezy, and warm but not hot. We met up with some friends and their little girls for it and you should have seen how cute the girls all were together, making sure they shared the candy being tossed. But I think what I loved best was the reminder that we live in a community, sometimes it's easy to forget that.

Today is also our pup's 4th birthday, isn't she cute? You've never seen a dog more willing to eat a person to protect me. I'm pretty sure if she could talk I'd hear her threatening every prairie dog, bike rider, and neighborhood dog with disembowelment for breathing the same air as me. When you read do you fall in love with animal companions? I tend to latch onto them easily. What is it about animals that talk? Oberon, Grimalkin, Pirate... do you have a favorite? 

Well, I'm not reading anything featuring animal companions this weekend. I'm trying to finish up Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc. on audio which I really like as a story but am having issues with the performance that are annoying.  Then The Elite finally came available from the library so I've been listening to it too. What do you do while you listen to audio? I can't blog or do anything that requires looking at words or I get sidetracked. But I have found that I can fart around on Pinterest looking at recipes and DIY projects and stuff which rocks. I always feel guilty for wasting time on Pinterest when I could be reading so this lets me indulge myself. 

In terms of actual reading-reading I'm trying to get into Going Down in Flames but it's so... juvenile. The narrative also feels weird, as if it were originally written in first person and had to be switched to third. I may DNF it. I'll give it another 50-80 pages. Sometimes there are just YA titles that don't work for adults and this one might be one of those for me.

I hope you have some great reads ready to go this weekend. I'd better go finish making my Cherry Cobbler and touching up my makeup before we get together with my inlaws for dinner and then later with our friends for beer and fireworks... that was literally how it was presented lol "you guys wanna come over for beer and fireworks?"  *giggle* sounds like either a very dangerous or very fun night is ahead of us. Catch you on the flip-side! ♥ -- Rhi

P.S. -- be sure and leave a comment about what you're reading because you'll get another giveaway entry into this month's comment challenge!

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