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Weekend Reading [06/27-06/29] :: Building a Brand & Reading Exhaustion

Happy weekend readers! Because of my husband's schedule weekends always feel wonky to me. Thursdays are his 'Fridays' and Sundays are his 'Mondays'. Sometimes the only reason I can't get a weekend reading post up is because he makes plans for us on Friday. I always feel a little weird about it when I write these in case someone is sitting there thinking how the 'weekend' isn't their weekend.

So all week I've been working behind the scenes trying to get a feel for where I want to go with the blog beyond the blog itself. Something I've always—and I mean that in an ever-since-the-internet-was-something-I-used kind of always—wanted to do is establish a personal brand. It started with my message board days when I left the first one I ever joined to make my own. I've always known essentially what I want it to be as an umbrella but well, this blog kind of came along before I felt confident in establishing something broader. Cart before horse and all that.

You guys know it if you follow the blog actively or have had the opportunity to know me elsewhere. I'm a big ol' geek. Period. But not just about the pop culture kind of stuff that probably popped into your head at the word geek, I kind of geek about everything. It's my personality... if I'm into something I don't do it halfway. So for me to do just a makeup blog or a fashion blog or a cooking blog or a mommy blog would be just silly... ALL of those things are areas of interest to me. Easy to do right? Not so much. In researching how I want to remold my brand—with RhiReading as a sub-structure within it—I'm finding that it is really hard to not be very specific in your branding. You're either a sweepstakes blogger or a fitness blogger or a travel blogger. I guess that kind of makes sense for brands looking to work with someone who is an 'expert' in one area. Which has me wondering... are there areas you think you'd be an expert in or areas of interest beyond books that you enjoy reading blogs about?

This weekend I'm trying to finish up Katee Robert's QUEEN OF WANDS. I wanted to have it finished before release day but I've just been having a tough time reading for more than a few minutes at a time this week. What annoying problems do you have when you need to catch up on reading? I'm super close to having all of my reading that's for review done. I'm trying to limit what I accept for July because May and June have been exhausting!!! I wish I could claim I'm one of those bloggers who doesn't ever get sick of reading but I do. I really, really do. Sometimes I just want to take an entire week off of reading. There. I blasphemed. lol

Well, these bills on my desk aren't going to pay themselves, I have sink full of dishes calling my name, and I have more work to do for RhiAlistic on the post my above photo hints at. I think you guys will want to check it out once I finish it for the other blog. Leave a comment telling me what you're reading eh? Have a freaking awesome weekend! ♥ -- Rhi

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