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Weekend Reading [06/13-06/15] :: In which I return to the library for the first time in 15 years...

No more reading... I demand attention human!
Last week was lovely in that I had family visiting but as much as I enjoy entertaining, after 10 days I'm so behind on reading it's not even funny. But school's out for the summer and my son's heading into high school this fall which is scary and exciting all in one. He is going to be taking an honors English class so he has assigned reading this summer. I love that even though it's not his strong subject he's following in his mom's footsteps. The only trouble I'm seeing is that he is NOT a reader. I know, right? (I heard your gasp all the way over here). So yesterday we embarked on an adventure. We—he, the 4 year old, and I—ventured to our public library for the first time to get library cards and check out the Summer Reading Challenge for young adults.

How is it that I, a rabid reader and book blogger, haven't been to the library since before my son was born almost 15 years ago? I dunno. I had a library card when I lived in Germany (so for about 15 months out of 15 years I did) and made good use of it but when we came home I just fell off the library wagon. It was a weird time. I've always had a hard time parting with beloved books so I like to buy books. I like the act of possessing them, it's kind of like collecting Facebook friends or pinning things on Pinterest. lol It's not so much hoarding but it's in the same vein. If I borrow a friend's book and love it then I'm likely to buy my own copy when I give theirs back... even if I know I will never crack that sucker open again. Are you like that with books?

But back to the library... my daughter loves to be read to but it was craft time instead (which we had fun with) and they had blocks in the kids section so she refused to cooperate and pick books. (Apparently playing with a bunch of ratty wooden blocks trumps books). Finally, I forced her to pull 2 off shelves and then chose 2 more for her knowing she'd get home and want to 'read all the books' (which she did and then begged me to take her back again today, wootwoot!). Then I wandered around reacquainting myself with the place, a fair bit has changed in 15 years but most of it I didn't care about being different. 

When I dragged my son to the YA section I was a little sad. It's been redone to give it a little reading area and what was once about 3 double sided shelves is now 3 times that! It's good to see YA has taken off since my day but it reminded me of that article from last week shaming adult YA readers. I suddenly felt out of place in one of the only places from my teen years that I ever felt at home. Not because it felt more teen-friendly but because there was a sign stating that the reading area was for 12-18 year olds only. It's great for keeping little kids from bothering reading teens but I was annoyed it made it seem like I was breaking the rules if I wanted to go in there and check out the recommended reading board and reading challenge paperwork. 
I tried to find some fiction my son would like but he had already checked out 4 non-fiction titles on WWII. Wish me luck working on getting him into some fiction. I like that he's into non-fiction and he always has been but I think if he could get into fiction he might be opened up to the world more. Do you know any teenage boys? What do teenage boys like in fiction? 

Well, I suppose I should wrap this up eh? This weekend I'm working on SEDUCING THE BRIDESMAID by Katee Robert and will probably have to go over the release dates on some of the other stuff in my TBR for review section to figure out what I am overdue on. What are you guys reading right now? Gotta run... I need every minute of reading time I can eek out of this weekend. ;) -- Rhi

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