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Review: Spellbound in Sleepy Hollow (anthology)

Spellbound in Sleepy Hollow: A Von Tassel Sisters Anthology by Patricia Eimer, Rosalie Lario, and Boone Brux
Paranormal Romance, Ghosts, Classic Retelling
Ebook (279 pages, ENTANGLED EDGE) 
The Von Tassel sisters are in deep. With a new inn opening up to non-magic guests, these three witches have enough to worry about, but after a deal with the Headless Horseman, all three Von Tassel sisters must find their true loves by All Hallow's Eve or forever be trapped as ghosts in Sleepy Hollow like their ill-fated aunties.
Will Stephanie be able to forgive her playboy ex? Will Bri be able to win back her childhood crush-turned-ghost hunter? Will Lexi be able to sway her supernatural employee? And will they all be able to fall in love by the week's end?

Great authors, what-the-heck delivery (2 stars)

When the three Von Tassel sisters wind up in a deal with the Headless Horseman they have just days to break the curse on their ghostly great aunts and their true-loves... and find their own!

Man, I really wanted to like this one. Growing up my mom was married into the family that had an ancestor who was rumored to be the inspiration for Ichabod Crane so I grew up always having a soft spot for the tale of Sleepy Hollow. Alas, as much as I've enjoyed other work from all three authors I thought this anthology was just way too ambitious. Each story attempted to feel well connected and perhaps it's just me being a nitpick but I felt it failed spectacularly at doing that. Individually each tale had some good points but I had more than one what-the-eff moments reading them too.

The highlight was that I really liked Lario's couple, Brianna and Jason, and their story was pretty cute and believable-ish. As much as I wanted to give it a better rating for that one alone I just didn't like the other two stories and the overall attempt to squish six true-loves into five days thing made it all feel rushed and silly. It was definitely not for me and I am a huge fan of retellings too.

If you like short and funny romances with a paranormal twist this is worth looking into. If you have no patience for a bunch of plot crammed into a short timeline you might want to skip this in favor of these authors' other work.

Notes: ARC received via NetGalley.

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