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Review: The Demon Creed by Paula Altenburg

The Demon Creed (Demon Outlaws #3) by Paula Altenburg
Fantasy, Romance, Western, Demons
Ebook  (350 pages, ENTANGLED SELECT)
When the Godseeker assassin Creed investigates stories of children gone missing, the trail leads him to an isolated ranch that is rumored to be involved in the slave trade. The owner of the ranch orders the enslaved Nieve to find any weakness in Creed that can be used against him to stop his investigation.
But Creed's secrets are buried deep. Or so he believes.
Nieve, who knows the intensity of an immortal's allure firsthand, recognizes the demon in Creed at once. Fun-loving and irresistible to most women, Creed tries to keep his identity hidden, ease her fears and get to the truth the best way he knows how. Seduction.
But Nieve has her own secret—a demon who once tricked her and their half demon son who was sold into slavery.
In a race against the clock, she'll do whatever it takes to get her child back, even if it means putting her trust in Creed.

Author Site: website

My favorite couple of the trilogy! (4 stars)

In the conclusion of Altenburg's Demon Outlaws series we finally get to dig deep into Creed. He's been a bit of an enigmatic figure up to this point and I know I wasn't the only reader really excited to see what was under his layers. When his path crosses with Nieve the pair seem completely unlikely to wind up together. She's been a slave to a man who has ties to the slave trade, the man who sold her half demon son. Nieve has had enough experience with demons to distrust and recognize Creed for what he is but when their paths lead them on the path to finding her son the pair begin to warm to each other.

While THE DEMON CREED is the final novel in the Demon Outlaws trilogy and it does focus on tying up the world's overall story I'll admit that part of the story didn't draw me in much which was unexpected. I was kind of rushing to get through it because the romance between Nieve and Creed was so good. I liked that she seemed timid and weak but that she had a unique strength, one I personally found very relatable. Creed was a great match for her and I loved seeing him in action.

I don't want to give away the plot revolving around Nieve's son but if you've been reading the series I think you are going to be really satisfied with that part of the story. I was so thrilled with it I got all misty eyed. Hunter and Airie are back for part of the story as well and make a great contrast to Creed and Nieve.

I'm hesitant to suggest a reader pick this one up without having already read the rest of the series but there's a certain stand-alone quality to it that I think almost makes it good to read first and go back to the rest later. I guess that depends on you as a reader, if you've ever tried a late entry in a series and loved it enough to go back it might be worth a try.

Notes: ARC received via publisher.


Kim said...

I haven't read any of Paula's books. :( I also haven't read any demons books, which probably explains why I haven't read her. But the book does sound interesting.

denise226 said...

i havent read any of her books yet but this sounds really good cant wait to raed denise smith


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