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Weekend Reading [04/25-04/27] :: Honey Honey Honey

Why is everyone going out of town this weekend? It's so weird. Literally, three out of four people I spoke to today had travel plans. It's not a holiday. Weeeeird.

As for myself guess what I'm NOT doing this weekend? You guessed it... going out of town. Nope. My ass is planted firmly home. Even our weekly Magic: The Gathering group bailed on us. So I'll be getting groceries and cleaning house. Probably trying to write the reviews I need ready for the frenzy of releases happening Monday. And reading the one book I haven't started yet that comes out then too. Because I'm slower than honey on snow. Yes, I have honey on the brain.

Why honey? I blame Amazon. I've been posting links like mad from all the great deals this week so at one point it recommended the above featured Pure Honey Mead. I didn't think much at first until I realized it's from here in Montana AND it has a Viking on it. I made it my mission to look for some the next time I was out near the fancy wine shop on the far side of town (I'm never over there) but my sweet man candy found one for me while he was out last night. I almost don't want to drink it it's so pretty. lol

So perhaps I'll sip honey wine as I dive into the (bitter)sweetness that is NIGHT CHILD. What reads do you have set aside for the weekend eh?

Before I run off and attempt that thing called grocery shopping let me leave you with one quite off-topic but no less fun item to share!

I want you guys to check out my friend and her GF's art haul from ECCC! I got to sneak peek the haul and I pretty much had to convince myself it was wrong to ditch the hubs and kiddos so I could go live with Emily and Mallory and their art collection. 

There are two videos so be sure and check them both out. And give them some subscription love because they're both awesomesauce.

Have a great weekend guys and be sure to comment what you are reading or want to read this weekend... ♥ -- Rhi


Unknown said...

Hi Rhi!

Been soooo looonnnggg since I've visited your home! I will be correcting that now and will do my best to be a better follower. I get lost with blog stuff sometimes. Thanks for visiting the blog regularly of late, I promise to return the favor. Comment for comment! Happy weekend & keep the honey sweet!

Rhianna said...

Thanks Braine! I've been making a personal effort to push myself out there more. I get stuck in a rut of being HERE and not showing the love back when it's well deserved. ♥


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