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Weekend Reading [03/14-03/16] :: Hints of Spring & why audiobooks are my crack...

Montana weather is notoriously wonky. It can be 60° and sunny in the afternoon and be snowy and subzero the next morning. Spring here is a lot of that over and over and over. It makes for muddy floors and lots of car accidents. It's a test of patience and sanity because just when you think it's finally over the cycle starts again. We've had several sunny days this week. All of last week's snow melted turning my yard into a deathtrap of watery ice patches and mud. My carpet looks like a swamp monster invaded... but that's just the dog's doing.

As Spring... well... springs up... I crave a duo of days where I can open up the windows to a warm breeze and blast some audiobookage as I carve my way through the cluttered closets, decimate the dust bunny farms, and go to war with the grimy walls. Alas, that nice pair of days hasn't come yet this year. But I've been in a funk lately.

Dear readers, you've possibly noticed I've had a swath of 2 star reviews over the past month. I was talking to another blogger yesterday about the awkwardness one goes through when that happens. Is it that the books weren't very good? Was it that they just weren't for me? Or worse, is it just me and something influencing my tastes right now? I pride myself on my ability to be objective about a book I didn't like and to give my 1 and 2 star reviews with genuine points for hating or disliking a book. Which is why I don't give very many... usually. Because let's face it, sometimes we just don't enjoy a book because there's an element we don't like in it that we weren't expecting to come across like a cliff hanger ending or a 'forced seduction'.

But I digress, funk or no I've been daydreaming about getting my house whipped into shape and aired out and part of that process was deciding to finally sign-up for an Audible subscription. I'd researched it for the past few months and while she wouldn't know it, Carmel of Rabid Reads, one of my fave blogs was a bit influential in me deciding it was worth it to give it at least the trial. Would you guys be interested in me sort of doing a review of Audible? Let me know in the comments.

One of the awesome things I've discovered since I signed up for the trial is Amazon's Matchmaker. If you own the Kindle version of a book already, the audiobook price on Audible goes down. For some it's not much but for others I've found I can have both the Kindle copy AND Audible copy for under $10. That's insane! Here's an example from my own Matchmaker page:

Most of those titles I either bought on a sale where they were $2.99 or less or got when they were free... so upgrading to the audio is hella cheap.

So why would I suddenly be going gaga for audio aside from the need for something to listen to while Spring cleaning? Something you might not have realized about bloggers is that we often don't get time to read everything we want. Books we request or accept for review have to come first. So this lets me fit in the reading I can't normally make time for while I do the RL stuff I have to like folding laundry, cooking dinner, or taking a shower. Because there was no way I was going to find time for reading DIVERGENT on top of my review reading and don't even get my started on A GAME OF THRONES which I started in paperback ages ago and find too epic to read consistently.

So this weekend I'll actually be doing the chores I hate just so I can 'read' DIVERGENT during the day and in the evenings I get to curl up with Ace and Rachel and Cruz as I plow through BEYOND JEALOUSY which releases on Monday. So far it is... smoldering. Scorching. And maybe just a little frustrating. A true love triangle if ever there was one. Which reminds me... if you're a Beyond series fan you need to get on over to Zazzle pronto and check out these awesome new goodies!

It's An O'Kane Thing (Dark) Tshirt
It's An O'Kane Thing (Dark) Tshirt by thebrokencircle
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O'Kane Logo Nail Art
O'Kane Logo Nail Art by thebrokencircle
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Are they not freaking awesome? There're more new items but these 3 were my faves. Which one would you want?

And now dear readers I am heading off to clean and read. Hope you have something great to read lined up. If you do or if you don't... leave a comment! Let me know what you're reading or wish you were reading. -- Rhi

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