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Weekend Reading [03/07-03/09] :: My spine tingler & 99¢ steals!

TGIF dear readers... I'm so ready for a new week to start. Not that this one was bad, it was pretty great but I've definitely got a combination of promo event and reading hangover going on. I'm due for a reboot. ;)

With that in mind I'm keeping this weekend reading post a little short. I've been devouring the YA fairytale, THE GLASS CASKET, which has been downright spine chilling. Which is very unusual... scary books and movies tend to make me chuckle and are so predictable I don't have the desired reactions. So the fact that this one gave me a prickle on my neck says a lot. It reminds me very much of the movie Red Riding Hood. I never read the book version but from the start I saw similarities to the film. If you enjoyed it I will be mentioning it as a rec in my review.

Once I get finished with THE GLASS CASKET I will get back to reading DARKSIDE SUN by Jocelyn Adams. It's actually on sale right now for only 99¢ so you should totally check it out if you like paranormal New Adult. Speaking of New Adult... I'm going to tack a few buy links onto the end of this post because Entangled's EMBRACE imprint—which DARKSIDE SUN is part of—is having a 99¢ sale all month. Lots of NA reading for cheap. I'll also throw a few of their TEEN line sales for good measure. 'Cause I know you guys love sales as much as I do. ☺

On that note... I'm off to do something useful with my day so I can have plenty of reading time this weekend. -- Rhi


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