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Weekend Reading [12/06-12/08] :: Being Nice & Cold!

This is my current weather. When I got up it was -25° feels like -37°. I was whining about it yesterday and someone asked why I still live here and that is a really good question. lol It certainly isn't for the lovely weather.
The forecast for the weekend is looking a little nicer but it was also supposed to be above zero today and I don't see that happening. In fact, my son's school's pipes froze and broke yesterday. Instead of sending the kids home they got porta-potties for them to use and made them wear their coats. Apparenly, here in Montana we really are badasses.
I've had a busy week preparing for the holidays, participating in several events being hosted by publishers/authors, and trying to plan my blog break. I've decided to go dark from the 18th of December to the 29th of January. Let's be honest here... when you've been a solo reviewer/blogger for 5 years you can really feel stagnant. In the past 2 years I have maybe read 5 fiction books that weren't review copies. I'm behind on some of my favorite series! So I figure this gives me a chance to do a little of that while I attempt to stay warm. ☺
So what's on your nightstand for weekend reading? I'm working through Eat, Brains, Love by Jeff Hart and Black Widow Demon by Paula Altenburg. The latter is kind of sold as being a bit like Warm Bodies but I'm not digging it. I am, however, enjoying BWD a lot. Blade was a character I was eager to know more about in the first book so it's making the somewhat slow action worth pacing myself through.

Speaking of pacing... earlier this year I decided I was sick of being out of shape and that I was going to try and be more active. I've done okay and found a fitness vlogger that really speaks to me and my personality. I'm sharing this because she did a Hunger Games fitness parody that is just too freaking awesome and it just went live yesterday. I think you guys will LOVE it even if you don't exercise.

How clever is that eh? I actually haven't done it yet because I decided I'd rather Skype with one of my friends than workout in the cold. I'm a wimp when it's this chilly and have a hard time getting my muscles warm enough to not hurt myself.

Well, I've got cookies to bake, a workout I can't skip today, and we have an elf visiting right now that's watching to make sure we're all good so I better get on those. ;)

Happy reading! -- Rhi

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