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Review: Bad Cop by Angela McAllister

Bad Cop (Bad #2) by Angela McCallister
Category Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Ebook $2.99 (171 pages, COVET)
A cop who tosses the rulebooks to get his way…
Vampire Ian McCready doesn’t care for Alice Capshaw’s opinions about his version of justice. Her humanity makes her off-limits, but that does nothing to lessen his overwhelming desire for her. To Alice, Ian is just another bad cop as detestable as the one who destroyed her family. She’s attracted to him, yes, but he threatened his way into her agency’s murder case and has too many secrets.
When a new case resurrects ghosts Ian believed long dead and buried, his law-bending ways might result in his execution. The second Alice becomes a target, his cold heart flares into blinding existence. But following the law for her sake may end with devastating results.

Author Site: website

My new favorite couple! (5 stars)

Every once in a while a book comes along that I enjoy so much I struggle to review it. Where I sit in front of the computer screen and squish my face up in concentration only to gasp a bit and splutter in frustration. BAD COP is one of those.

I really liked BAD MOUTH because it had a great world set up, a world worthy of urban fantasy. The world is the kind you want to dive into for hours and meet every major player in it. While I enjoyed Kade and Valerie a lot, they just weren't quite a perfect fit for my tastes as a reader. The hints at Alice and Ian had me really interested in what BAD COP would deliver and let me tell you... McCallister knocked it out of the ballpark. If you enjoy characters with ridiculously thick chemistry you will love Alice and Ian.

I don't often love heroines, I just have a weird tendency not to relate to them as much as I relate to heroes, but Alice was an instant favorite for me. I loved that she was such a fighter, so capable and likable. Killian and Alice's back and forth of calling one another "wench" and "hick" was one of my favorite parts of their courtship, it made their relationship feel real to me. They definitely have a playful and passionate relationship that I think most readers will love.

While their romance is the heart of the storyline there's also a mystery to be unraveled and it was one area I was eager to figure out. It's a rare thing when an author can pull a fast one on me and surprise me, especially in a category romance (I mean, the genre thrives on predictable tropes). To have a shocking moment was like finding a nice suitcase and then opening it up to find it was full of money. lol

Suffice it to say that if I'd found any flaws in this one I'd have had the review up much sooner. I gave it some time in hopes I'd find something negative to say about it and I got nothing. If you enjoy paranormal romances and in particular couples who have a lot of sensual tension and banter that's amusing you should give it a read. One of my favorite romance couples to date and a series I am eager to force on my friends. ;)

Notes: ARC received via publisher.

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