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W.R. [09/20-09/22] :: Spooky Shorts & Unmasking Hot Heroes

TGIF guys! Anyone else have the kind of week where Monday felt like it was a Thursday? All week I was dying for it to be over. I tend to be goal oriented as long as I have some kind of plan on how I'm getting there and my October is going to be exhausting so I'm in this mode of just wanting it to happen and be over. But look! Today is the final workout day on my workout calendar! I kind of had a bad week last week and crapped out for 3 days—which was probably good since I was having heel pain—and was left feeling bad about it. But all of those X's are paying off. I got to tighten my belt last night.

Just like setting fitness goals we've all got reading goals right? I had a big open month this month and then blam all at once I got a bunch of offers. Love when that happens but it can be tough being realistic about what I have time for. The big difference between reading as a blogger and being just a reader (aside from not paying for as many books) is time management. The good news is I had some great reads this week!

These 6 short romances featuring ghosts and zombies are all perfect for getting in the Halloween spirit. I've finished all of them save for Northern Light which I had to force myself to put down at 2:30-something in the morning. I don't read a lot of GLBT romances and this one is making me think I should, really, really good. I also hope that E.J. Russell writes more stories, she's a fabulous story weaver.

Once I finish Northern Light I'm going to try and finish up the Lovers Unmasked anthology because on Monday I'll have up the Brazen #MrSeptember Throwdown. The prizes are freaking awesome and it's going to be a fun week! Be sure you're following me on Twitter and Facebook so you see reminders. 

On that note guys, I'm off to get my yoga pants on for my final workout on the calendar before enjoying my rest day (of reading) tomorrow. Hope you have a great book you're working on this weekend, leave a comment letting me know what it is if you are. :) TTFN! -- Rhi

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