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W.R. [09/06-09/08] Beasts, Beauties, & Brulees...

That up there my darlings... is an almond raspberry chocolate mug cake. I am obsessed with them right now. well, mug cakes in general. I may or may not have mentioned that I've spent the past 4 months trying to kick my butt into some kind of fitness routine. I just feel better, sleep better, and well... look better. Working out has been the easy part. Giving up my sweets and wine, not so much. So I have become obsessed with making single-serving treats for myself. 'Cause if I make a whole cake I will eat half of it by myself.

You guys would be proud of me! I realized when I finished THE CLOCKWORK SCARAB on Wednesday that I am (with one exception) not in line to read any review copies for a deadline. The one I do have isn't due until November. Which meant I could either go seek out a book or two I would like an ARC of or accept one of the review copies I've been offered that I'd probably enjoy but am not super eager to read. Saying no can be difficult when you're a people pleaser like I tend to be. So I decided I wouldn't cave to that pressure until an ARC offer I really want shows or I finish something I bought with my own moolah. Which leads me to my read for the weekend!

OF BEAST AND BEAUTY is a book I've been dying to read. Alas, I got snubbed for the tour so no ARC came my way and I splurged on a signed copy. The author, Stacey Jay, is one whom I just adore. The ideas she puts to paper, the characters she writes... I wish I knew more folks who love her work so I could gush about it. This one is proving to be no exception. It's so original and exciting I couldn't sleep last night after putting it down. I really wanted to pick it back up and tear through more of it but I needed to sleep too. Isn't that the worst?

If you love scifi/fantasy and fairy-tales and can handle YA I'm already recommending it. Plus, it's only $7.99 on Kindle right now which is under half price!

On that note dear readers I must get this posted, finish up a few things and then I get to torch some creme brulee. Because I deserve a treat after the week I've had. ;) Leave a comment telling me what you're reading, eh? -- Rhi

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