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Weekend Reading [08/16-08/18] :: Fruit Salad Tears & Covet Boys

Hello readers! Every once in a while my husband has to go out of town for his job. Having done the Army thing earlier in our marriage I've had plenty of experience with being a 'single parent' for months at a time so a few days is never a big deal. (It's kind of rotten of me but I love having the bed to myself!) So what's with the photo of one of my cats?

I was lying there reading and I heard a snore. The hubs is a big time snorer and sleep talker so I kind of did this WTF face—he wasn't there, of course—and looked over... yep, the kitty was so sleepy he had fallen asleep and facepalmed. Isn't he precious? lol

I didn't get as much reading done this week as I had hoped. But what I did get read was really damned good.  APPLES & ORANGES by Brooke Moss was surprisingly emotional and she pulled one hell of a shocker... when you read it make sure you've got tissues when you start Chapter 16. Consider that your warning.

Going into the weekend I realized I'm back to being swamped with review reading. Which is actually okay, because the books I have on my plate are ones I've been eager to read. I wasn't super impressed with their series starters (if you've been here long you probably have noticed a trend there) so I wanted to see if it was just the series or those particular stories. THE AWAKENING: LIAM by Abby Niles and THE DEMON'S DESIRE by Kendra Leigh Castle are my reads for the weekend. Demons and shapeshifters always make for a fun weekend.

What are you guys working on? Got any recommendations for tear-jerker romances? Have a great weekend! -- Rhi

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Carmel @ Rabid Reads said...

Aaww, so cute! I like having the bed to myself sometimes too. It's nothing to be ashamed about!


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