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Review: Everlast by Aundria Buchannan

Everlast (The Chronicles of Nerissette #1) by Andria Buchanan
Young Adult, Fantasy
Ebook $5.69 (320 pages, ENTANGLED TEEN)
Paperback $9.99

Allie Munroe has only ever wanted to belong, maybe even be well liked. But even though she’s nice and smart and has a couple of friends, she’s still pretty much the invisible girl at school. So when the chance to work with her friends and some of the popular kids on an English project comes up, Allie jumps at the chance to be noticed.
And her plan would have worked out just fine…if they hadn’t been sucked into a magical realm through a dusty old book of fairy tales in the middle of the library.
Now, Allie and her classmates are stuck in Nerissette, a world where karma rules and your social status is determined by what you deserve. Which makes a misfit like Allie the Crown Princess, and her archrival the scullery maid. And the only way out is for Allie to rally and lead the people of Nerissette against the evil forces that threaten their very existence.

Author Site: website

A clean fantasy light for the middle school bunch. (2 stars)

When Allie Munroe sets off for the library to work on a project with her friends and a pair of popular kids she has no idea what a bad day she's in for. When the quintet get sucked into a magic book and deposited into the world of Nerissette their lives are forever changed. Allie finds out she's the princess of Nerissette and each of her companions' fate is changed. Told that Fate—a god of the magical realm—chose this new life for them the only thing to do is play along. But the longer they remain in Nerissette the more Allie realizes about the lies she was raised on.

The man who is supposed to have been the steward of the kingdom in the absence of its queen has been manipulating the people and it's up to Allie and her friends to save Nerissette. If they ever want to get home they are going to have to change Fate's design and fight for control of the kingdom.

Having read Buchanan's work under her other pen name I had high hopes for Everlast. Unfortunately, it was just not for me. From the start the pacing is choppy, the character development is minimal, and the story itself has plot holes that an adult reader is likely to pick apart quickly. With that in mind this is one YA title I won't recommend to adults but think is a great choice for the middle school age group. It's very clean (no cursing, kisses at most) and only mildly violent. If you're in that age group I think you might really enjoy this story.

The one thing I did love about Everlast was that Allie's friend/crush, Winston, isn't white. I love interracial relationships and feel that really set this one apart from others in the genre. Kudos for choosing diversity Andria! Now if only Allie wasn't so dull and clueless and everyone didn't repeat and rehash the same things over and over and over and over until I wanted to throw my ereader across the room.

To sum it up... this is one YA title that's suited to the target audience but will probably frustrate and annoy adult fans of the genre.

Notes: ARC received via publisher.

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