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Review: Apples & Oranges by Brooke Moss

Apples & Oranges (The This & That Series #2) by Brooke Moss
Contemporary Romance
Ebook $2.99 (231 pages, SELFPUBLISHED)
Marisol Vargas had life all figured out. Having fun without strings attached was good. Commitment and monogamy was bad. That is, until both of her best friends got married and had kids. Now all of the sudden, instead of being envied for her footloose and fancy-free lifestyle, Marisol finds herself on the outside looking in. Suddenly her home feels like a big, empty house. And her heart feels like the last kid picked for kickball.
Then her car breaks down.
When Marisol meets the owner of Triple D's Garage, Demetrious Antonopolous, she pegs him a bitter, blue collar grunt. They're complete opposites, like apples and oranges, yet beneath the aggravation lies some serious passion.
Little does Marisol know that Demo might be exactly what she needs, and it has nothing to do with cars or the kitchen.
When tragedy strikes, will Marisol be able to let Demo in, or will she push him away? And how can two complete opposites finally learn how to make great recipes together?

Author Site: website

Laughter & Tears (5 stars)

Readers are going to think I've developed a bit of a partiality toward Moss after the streak of reviews she's earned from me this year. If I have, it's been hard earned, as she is the author who managed to drag this paranormal preferring reader over to the contemporary shelf. Let me tell ya that was no easy feat.

What's made Moss' work such a treasure is what she brings once more to her work in APPLES & ORANGES. Authentic human beings with flaws and feelings spill right off the pages and you forget you're not watching a movie. After reading BABY & BUMP I thought there was no way Marisol would win me over as a heroine. She has a transparent moment in B&B that brought me to tears but I just couldn't imagine her giving up her Samantha Jones-esque ways to find a happily-ever-after. I should have known Moss would prove me wrong!

From their first meeting Demo is surly and rude making him a terrific foil for Marisol. Men fall at her feet, how could he resist her? Well, he has his reasons and before you know it their hate-on for one another snowballs into a complicated and fun romance. It wouldn't be a Moss story without some fun family and background characters spicing up the mix and I just adored Demo's wily grandmother.

Now, I want you to go buy this book and read it because it's a great romance but dear reader I am warning you... do not begin chapter 16 without a box of tissues. I won't spoil it for ya but if you get even the littlest bit invested in characters and cry when something bad happens... just trust me on this one. Bring the tissues.

Belly laughs, dreamy sighs, alligator tears, and fantasies about baklava are in store for you in A&O! If you love a story that can do all that to you and more I highly recommend adding this one to your personal library.

Notes: Review copy received via author.

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