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Weekend Reading [07/12-07/14] :: Want to Read vs. Have to Read

Those are my two goals for the weekend.

Keeping it simple right?

I had a big project this week here at home. It's kind of a long story, but after spending my entire adult life living in apartments... living in a house has been hard. I love having more space but I never know what to do with it. We've repurposed our spaces a ton of times. My desk has been in three different locations but none of them have worked for me. I literally spent $1800 on a new computer I use only about twice a month because my desk was in a spot I couldn't work and watch my kids. While it's still not in the most ideal spot—our basement 'family room' has no windows and therefore very little light—we've finally redone the room to make it work for our daughter and me. 

I now have lots of room to work at my desk, store my non-digital books, and hopefully put some of my things on display. Plus a TV and play area for the tot and enough space I can workout down here if I have to. The lack of light sucks but now I have an excuse to find a couple of cool lamps. Maybe eventually I can actually write a book from this spot. ☺

Anyone got big plans for the weekend? I'm heading to the movie theater to have my world rocked and finally see Pacific Rim! I remember being on IMDB probably going on 2 years ago and seeing just the name of the film, who was directing, and that my SOA cast faves were in it and knowing I'd be all over it no matter what the plot actually was. Then when it finally had more info it got even more exciting... I am such a nerd for this kind of film. Who else had this on their must-see list for the summer? Not gonna lie... it was my must-see for the whole year. Now I gotta wait until my birthday to get my Loki fix.

I'm actually not sure which book I'm working on this weekend yet. I didn't get a lot of reading in this week because of the project. I finished up MOONLIGHT last night and can't wait to promo it next week! Lisa is really on fire with this one. I know I have a stack of review books to read and I will probably get on one of them but I'm in need of some no-pressure reading really bad. I may actually have to schedule a week off of the blog again in August where I put aside all of my review reading too. I'm not very good at that whole making myself relax thing. I really need to get caught up on the Vampire Academy series, I didn't get the last two read because I've hit the point with books about 3 years ago where if (for the most part) unless I get a review copy I don't have time for it. It rocks that my reviews are in demand but it's not always the stuff I want to read that I'm taking on. Bigger names like Mead don't get offered to just any blogger even though my review of Frostbite was in the top 3 on Amazon for a while.

Anywho, there are a lot of books I really want to read outside of reviewing but the last two VA ones are at the top because I finally saw something about the movie that got me curious enough to check IMDB about it and I saw that they are planning to film here in Montana—the series is set here. I couldn't find any info about where and this is a HUGE state but I'm going to bet somewhere closer to Missoula which is a few hours west of where I am. I'm actually surprised they're going to bother filming in the state. Even films set here often get filmed in Canada instead. The funny thing is we're a super friendly and accommodating state culturally and it's gorgeous in most places so I think more films should come here. Less people stalking the stars and the sets and more getting shit done. lol

Anywho, I'm off to shower and figure out what I'm wearing to cancel the apocalypse. ;) Have a great weekend and be sure to leave me a comment about your reading this weekend. ♥ -- Rhi

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