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Review: Lions, Tigers, and Sexy Bears Oh My! by Candace Havens

Lions, Tigers, and Sexy Bears Oh My! by Candace Havens
Paranormal Romance, Category Romance, Shapeshifters
Ebook $2.99 (129 pages, COVET)
A Montana town where no one is who they seem...
Everything about runaway heiress Ainsley McLeon screamed trouble—from her luscious midnight locks to her Louboutin-clad toes. Yet sexy, stoic bar owner Luc couldn’t deny the instant connection he felt to the tempting stranger…or the long-dead feelings she evoked. She could work in his pub until her truck was fixed but after that she had to leave town for good.
Ainsley traveled with her own emotional baggage and there was no way she'd fall for the bear-tempered Luc...no matter how many passionate nights she spent in his bed or how safe she felt in his muscular arms. Can these two opposites find love in the middle of a blizzard, or will Luc's darker side and Ainsley's past catch up with them?

Author Site: website

Move over Pooh and Tigger... (4 stars)

When on-the-lam, endangered heiress Ainsley McLeon put herself on Montana's winter roads she certainly didn't expect to wreck her vehicle in an attempt to avoid hitting a tiger. Unable to safely touch her wealth without giving away her location to whoever is trying to murder her and with nowhere to go she begs a job at the local watering hole. But Luc has no interest in hiring a human to sling drinks to his patrons because in this Montana town the residents all have one thing in common... an furry form at the full moon.

Ainsley, however, won't take no for an answer and her tough-as-nails personality coupled with a desire to find a way out of the mess she's in win Luc over. It's only a matter of time before she discovers that the gruff bar owner with a knack for cookery is more than a big ol' teddy bear whom she can't hide her danger from.

When I didn't care for Havens' previous entry to the Covet imprint I was a little worried I'd not like this one either. But it proved to be surprisingly fun. There's a cheesy factor with the heiress on the run from her potentially murderous family and the generic Montana town but in this case it works. As the blogosphere's resident Montanan PNR geek I was hoping for something a less flat in regards to the town and the shifters who called it home but Luc and Ainsley are great characters and their romance was juicy.

I didn't think I was going to like Luc but Havens worked the werebear personality fabulously. I don't often like the hero more than the heroine but I loved Luc. He's gruff at times and yet a teddy bear at others. That Ainsley is no push-over really pleased me! Too often you have a strong male in paranormals that just bulldozes the female and these two meet one another so well. They're a great match and the chemistry between them makes this a terrific read. I highly recommend it for shifter romance fans looking for a quick read.

Notes: ARC received via publisher.

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