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Interview: Brooke Moss, author of Baby & Bump

Howdy Brooke and thanks for making RhiReading one of your regular haunts when you've got a great new story to share!
Thanks for having me! When I find a blogger I love, I tend to latch on like a barnacle. Thanks for letting me latch, Rhi... :)
Your latest is your debut as a self-published author, and in my humble opinion, it is your best story yet. In the acknowledgements you mention the seed that the story sprouted from but since most readers probably haven't gotten to that section yet can you tell us a little bit about where Baby & Bump came from?
I got the idea for Baby & Bump from a thread on my friend's Facebook page. She was lamenting about how awkward it was to have a hot obstetrician. The idea snowballed in my mind, and Lexie, Fletcher, Candace, Marisol, Patsy...all of those crazy characters were born. 
Well, I can say with surety that I have never had a hot OB/GYN and thank heaven for small favors. Awkward doesn't even cover it. But then again... Fletcher is such a Southern gentleman and just quirky enough I could probably make an exception to suffer. *giggle* Was he inspired by anyone in particular?
Remember the movie "Life As We Know It? In that movie, there is a hot pediatrician played by Josh Lucas. I kinda, sorta envisioned him for Fletcher most of the time. Yummers.
Lexie Baump is so likable but not flawless and she's plagued by her best frenemy, Marisol, who is also her business partner. They're so opposite one another and the situation becomes so intense as a bit of a love triangle goes on that I'll admit I was not liking Marisol at all. (Readers, check out my review to find out what I thought after finishing the story). When you started writing Baby & Bump did you know you would be writing another story featuring Marisol as the heroine or did that come toward the end when she revealed the other side of herself?
I didn't decide to write Marisol's story until B&B was completely done! I had a beta reader ask me to PLEASE write Marisol's story, and to give her some redemption. That's what I'm working on right now. She not only gets redemption, but a giant slice of humble pie.
I've said it before and I'll say it again—why isn't Hollywood banging your door down to make movies from your books?!? Baby & Bump would be a really fun one with its blend of romance, humor, and an authenticity that I think readers are going to love. I recently read a book you had recommended and could definitely feel similarities in style. Have other writers or people had an influence on your voice as a writer? How so?
I'm inspired by Liza Palmer, Jane Porter, Kristan Higgans, and Tammara Webber. I like authors whose characters are undeniably human. I try to achieve that in my own work, too.
Baby & Bump takes place in Spokane, Washington which is actually the only place I've actually lived from one of your books. It's not as well known to non-Washingtonians compared to Seattle but has a really lovely culture all its own. Though I haven't spent any real time there in nearly 20 years a couple of my favorite places were the Finch Arboretum, Pines Cemetery (which I lived right by), and everyone should visit Downtown if they get a chance. One of the prettiest parts of town though, is the South Hill area which Lexie wants to buy a house in. I have to know... was it inspired by a real house or houses? What other places would you tell visitors to check out?
Gah! I live close to Pines Cemetery! So weird. Actually the house is an amalgam of several houses on the south hill that I adore. And visitors to Spokane have to check out David's Pizza, Bowl & Pitcher State Park, and Hoopfest. Lots of fun, lots of good food, and usually decent weather. :)
There's definitely some geekery going on with Lexie and Fletcher... dare I even say with Patsy, Lexie's mom, and her epic Cabbage Patch Kid collection. My own passion for action figures, sci-fi and fantasy pop-culture everything, and well... books, of course, is well known. What are your geek passions?
Oh, so many....I am a huge Elf Quest geek, and proud of it. I also like anything that has to do with Star Wars, and pride myself on having a 6 yr old son who can quote any of the six movies correctly. WIN.
We've talked about your wonderful husband during another visit and you guys currently have five children. Having just two of my own I feel like I could never have time to write—I can't even go to the bathroom alone!—how do you manage to juggle couple time, family time, and still be writing? (Are you a really a superheroine? Because that'd be awesome!)
I wish I were a superheroine. But alas, I am human. Actually, I write a lot at night, and it takes me a long time to write a book, because with 5 kids...progress is SLOW. But I always put my family first. If I do that, everything else just falls into place.
You have a second book in the This & That series in the works. Titled Apples & Oranges, its going to feature Marisol and Demo... a Greek hottie! Can you tell my readers and I anything about the project to wet our whistles yet? And what else do you have coming up or in the works?
Well, now that Candace and Lexie are both happily married with kids, Marisol is discovering just how lonely life really is. She's now desiring some things she never expected, and turning into sort of a softie herself. It's nice to watch! And after I'm done with Apples & Oranges, I'll be writing Candace's story. Squeee! 
As always Brooke, it is such a pleasure to read and share you books with the world. Thank you for dropping by today, I can't even pretend I didn't cry reading Baby & Bump and I want my readers to go out and devour it! You hear that readers... Rhianna says BUY and you trust me so DO IT. ;)

Dear readers... I had intended to format this better but we're having a scheduled power outage—the power company has been doing work in my neighborhood for 6 weeks... with no end in sight—and I had only 15 minutes to get it up. :(
Also available at CreateSpace.


Timitra said...

Great interview!

Brooke Moss said...

Thanks for having me, Rhi! Your blog is always my first spot after releasing a book. I hope your readers enjoy Baby & Bump!


Rhianna said...

They are going to love it... unless they don't like hot guys and laughing. ;)


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