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Guest Post: Author Cindi Myers [The Wedding Gamble Blog Tour]

Writing the Romantic Comedy.

I like sexy, romantic books. And I like funny books. I don't think the two are mutually exclusive.  I mean, great sex can be funny, and I think you need a good sense of humor for a lasting romantic relationship. So I love to write sexy, romantic comedies. The trick is to create a story that is fun and fast-paced, while still being sensuous and romantic. It's a real balancing act, and it can be tougher than it looks.
The writing starts with the premise -- it has to be humorous, with good romantic potential. With The Wedding Gamble, I wanted to write a Marriage of Convenience story. There's just something about two people being forced together in an intimate situation that I love. But I don't think those stories are very realistic in a modern-day setting. I think a modern MOC story works best when you have an element of fantasy. Which led me to Vegas. Talk about a modern-day fantasy setting! Vegas is really a world that is largely about make-believe, and doing things you wouldn't do in your everyday life.
Vegas leads to weddings -- a quickie Vegas wedding -- to a stranger. Why would a stranger persuade a woman to marry him? What if the mob was after him and getting married was a matter of life and death?
So now I have my romantic set-up. From there I tried to think about the characters who would get together like this and end up falling in love. A romantic hero and heroine have to need each other on a level they probably don't realize right upfront. My heroine, Laura, wants to be needed. She wants to make a difference. David is a man who's always held himself apart from others, but he learns he really does need Laura -- while she learns she really matters to him.
Once I had the characters and their romance down, I could have fun with the humor. Vegas is great for a romantic caper. There are so many great hotels -- each a fantasy world of its own -- to take them to. I could float them down the canals at the Venetian, send them on a roller coaster ride at Circus, Circus and play up the movie atmosphere of Planet Hollywood. I added in a couple of threatening but sometimes bungling mobsters, a ditzy sister and the general kookiness of the strip.
But even writing humor, you always have to come back to the romance. I fell in love with Laura and David and really wanted them to have their Happily Ever After. I hope readers feel these two deserve each other and that they enjoy the mix of romance and humor.


When nursery school teacher Laura Nichols, woozy from allergy medicine, wanders into a wedding chapel off the Vegas Strip, she thinks the gorgeous guy who asks her to marry him in order to save his life is part of some wacky new reality TV show. But when she wakes up in David Abruzzo’s bed the next morning, she realizes her safe and boring life is about to undergo a big change – maybe for the better.
An undercover agent with the FBI, David has devoted his life to bringing down the mob. When his cover is blown in Vegas, he needs a new story, fast. He hopes a quickie wedding and the story of a honeymoon on the Strip will induce crime boss Frank Zacolli into calling off his goons, and give David time to persuade his chief witness in the case against Zacolli, the mobster’s son Tommy, into returning to Chicago and testifying. He never counted on falling for the woman he picked out of the crowd as his bride – or that 48 hours by her side will make him rethink his loner ways forever.
They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what if you meet that special someone there that you can’t bear to leave behind?
What Happens in Vegas meets Wise Guys in this new romantic comedy from author Cindi Myers.

About Cindi Myers

Cindi Myers is the author of more than 50 novels, including Always a Bridesmaid,  from Entangled Publishing. A former Rita Finalist and winner of a Romantic Times Award for Best American Romance, Myers lives in the Colorado mountains with her husband and two spoiled dogs.

Connect with Cindi Myers

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Enjoyed reading the post! Thank you...another book to add to my TBRs.


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