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Weekend Reading [06/28-06/30] :: The bad, the good, & the read...

How are y'all this weekend? I've had a rotten week and I'm just in a nasty old funk of a mood.

Some of the crappy highlights include canceling my dance party because only 2 people were coming, my workouts being interrupted on 3 of my 5 days, and the top of my reusable K-cup accidentally got munched in the garbage disposal. It's all just making me frowny and hermit-ish.

I have, however, had a couple of good things going on. I finished a recipe post I'd been really wanting to get up, I found a nicely distracting game called Hellfire that's addictive, and I've had great reads!

This weekend I get to start Lisa Kessler's MOONLIGHT! Now if only I could say I was doing it on a secluded tropical beach. *dreamy sigh*

What are you reading this weekend and where do you wish you were doing it? -- Rhi

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