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Weekend Reading [06/21-06/23] :: Street Teamin', Fandom/Friendships, & the #CovetBash!

TGIF! What a busy week I've had. So much going on online this week. Tons of blog tours, hops, scavenger hunts, contests, twitter parties... I feel like I'm just coming out of a haze of socialization of epic proportions. On top of that I had some non-blog related reading to finish and review, a sort of social media class to work on for my direct sales business, planning a big pre-independence-day dance party, and I started up an attempt at getting my fitness and eating back on a healthy level with some inspiration from the kick-ass ladies of the Maxwell Mob. Seriously, I'm the quiet street teamer most of the time and these guys are so much fun!
But before I jump into what I'm reading this weekend I have a favor to ask... one of my longest online friends and I met through our mutual Star Wars obsession about 10 years ago. Now she's in a contest of sorts at Geek and Sundry. Drop by and give her a vote but then make sure you actually watch and comment on her video. See... back in the days before I realized Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance existed I read pretty much nothing but Star Wars expanded universe books. What the hell is an expanded universe? Think officially licensed fanfiction, sort of. lol I even have friends who've named their kids after SWEU characters!

Anywho, this was part of how we met and after kind of being out of touch beyond status updates this video got us chatting again. ☺
Speaking of fun and awesome things... did you attend the #CovetBash on twitter last night? Absolutely hilarious and fun with so many great authors and bloggers attending. Haven't read any Covet books yet? I've read all of them so far and I'm about to start the one that releases next week. I haven't loved them all but there is something for every kind of PNR fan, check out my reviews of them.
So whatcha reading this weekend? I'm working on Brooke Moss' BABY & BUMP which comes out on July 2nd. So far it is really fabulous. I sometimes worry I love Brooke's books because they're set in the Pacific Northwest but really it's just her great sense of humor and a certain realism that grabs my heart and gives it a yank. I'm hoping to get it done and start on LUCK OF THE DRAGON. Here's hoping my weekend is slow and quiet so I can read like mad.

Leave a comment and tell me what you're reading! -- Rhi

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