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Weekend Reading [05/10-05/12] :: Gardening, New Phone, & Whatcha Reading?

I'm keeping this one quick readers...

We've got gorgeous weather right now. I'm taking advantage by kicking my yard's butt with lawn care and gardening. Also, a bit of spring cleaning that we needed the good weather for. Can I say how nice it is not to be running the heat?

Got a new phone this week. My first smartphone. I feel so loooost. Which I don't get since I'm already an iPad nerd. I'm scared I'm gonna break it. Thank goodness the mailman just brought my case and Zagg. I'm a really careful person as it is so I'm hoping the darned thing lasts me a few years but yeesh, expensive! Now if only I could find a badass case. Something Whovian or Star Wars or something in my fandoms. Why do iPhones have to be the popular ones? It's bad when you consider a phone purely for the 'cool cases' factor.

I'm having a pizza party and playdate thing for the tot tomorrow and Sunday's well... my husband works Sundays so the holiday doesn't really exist for us. I imagine we'll eat something with his parents and that's about it. If time permits I have got to finish NOWHERE BUT HOME, and then I can finally devour FAMOUSLY ENGAGED. I was in the mood for something with a rock star character so it came at the perfect time! What rock star reads have you loved?

Anywho, wishes for a perfect weekend for y'all! Happy Mother's Day to my fellow mommies and happy Thank-Gawd-I'm-Not-a-Mom day to the rest of ya! lol ;) -- Rhi

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