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Weekend Reading [05/03-05/05] :: Genre-burnout & Science-y Day Out

Dear readers,

I am off the blog today! My teenager begged me to chaperon the science field trip he's going on today and I caved. It was so much more fun when they weren't sassy brats. Now I just groan and try to avoid being around them. It's middle schoolers for some reason. They hit high school and they're back to calling you Mrs. whatever and so-and-so's mom, they remember respect for the most part.

Once I'm done herding a pack of hormone addled teenagers through their science thing I'll be home just long enough to make dinner, change and redo my make-up, before heading out to celebrate a friend's 21st birthday. I'm exhausted just thinking about what a long day it's going to be... 5:30AM to probably after midnight... man I could barely do that in my twenties. :S

I'm actually having a rough ride in reading this week. I'm utterly absorbed with CARNIEPUNK and just wanna read it all but it doesn't hit shelves until July so it's not one I want to finish too fast but it is rocking my socks off. I kind of knew it would with some of my favorite UF writers in it and many I've been wanting to read. My other read—which I keep forgetting to add to my sidebar—NOWHERE BUT HOME by Liza Palmer—is what's really sucking me in. I'm not quite sure I'd call author Brooke Moss my girl crush, but I seriously adore her on a personal level and she gives great book recommendations. Palmer definitely writes in the same vein as Brooke so it's not all that surprising that I'm digging it.

I kind of started and stalled on RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. Not because it's bad. I just needed a break between Brazens. I had so many back-to-back I needed a different genre to fill my headspace for a few days.

Well... on that note lovelies I have got to go pick some clothes for tomorrow. The hubs says I need to work my MILF look. *dies* Have a great weekend and be sure and tell me what you're reading!

-- Rhi

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