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Vacation Reading [05/31-06/10] :: Not so weekendy reading...

image credit: Eunice Dokko 
Dear readers,

I hope this weekend finds you well! After the past couple of extremely hard months I've found myself in this sort of weird funk. I'm kind of... well, not bored of reading exactly... but I think I might be rating books a little less and writing less-than-satisfying reviews because I need a break. Unlike a lot of my favorite blogs that have several reviewers, I do this all alone and have for going on 5 years. It's been a year since I took any vacation (and that wasn't a vacation really) so I decided to give myself some time off to just do something not bookish.

It doesn't officially start until Sunday... so if you need me between now and then I might be available but otherwise from today until June 10th I'm planning on a NO BLOGGING week. The hubs is taking a few days off and the school year is ending so it'll be a busy time anyway.

What will I be working on while I'm away? The Eternity Cure and William Shakespeare's Star Wars. I've been looking forward to both so it's awesome I got them through Amazon Vine. Since I'm planning on doing more non-reading things I don't think I'll read anything else but I do have a few reads I should get to. If time permits I'll spice things up with Under the Covers by Rebecca Zanetti. Because every vacation needs a little steam right? ;)

I'm hoping to get to do a lot of stuff I never have time for like playing The Sims and getting a hair cut too. Maybe do some gardening and spring cleaning type crap. Not that either of those is really exciting me. We've had really chilly, rainy weather that's supposed to stick around for most of next week too... maybe that means I'll do a bunch of baking. What would you do with a few days off?

Anywho, I have a lot to get rolling before a night out with friends tonight and a vacation so I'm off... drop by and tell me what you're reading and be sure to come back on the 10th to see what I actually accomplished during my time away. ♥ -- Rhi


melindeeloo said...

Happy vacation,

I totally hear you - and it's a major reason that I could never do what you do and what you have been doing so entertainingly for such a long time.

Have fun with your R&R:)

Rhianna said...

You rock melindeeloo! It's so rare we don't have similar thoughts on a book that I trust your reviews the most. :)

So far I'm not being very good at the vacationy thing though. lol Taking breaks is haaaaard when you're someone who usually thrives on being busy.


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