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Weekend Reading [04/26-04/28] :: An Odd Trio & Menial Labors...

Whatcha reading this weekend?
The hubs has worked so much and we've had so much going on this week I am exhausted. Super exhausted. Anyone else feeling unusually wrecked?
This weekend we have some volunteer work (painting) to do, all 3 kids, yardwork that's calling, and some errands that really have to get dealt with. The good news is I love painting... as a teenager I did it as a job and find it strangely relaxing. I also enjoy working in my weed patch. We've been trying to come up with ways to get more gardening space out of our tiny front yard so maybe we can come up with something worth sharing. Montana has a very short growing season and we get mostly northern exposure on our yard so I only have a small area that gets sun to work with.

This weekend I'm hoping to finish up A RIVETING AFFAIR. It's a great anthology but no one seems to have heard of it. I'm also planning to finish Kevin Hearne's story from CARNIEPUNK and then officially start on RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. What an odd trio of reads, huh?
Well, anywho... I'm planning to not be on the blog again until Monday but would love to know what you guys are trying to find reading time for this weekend so leave me a comment! :) -- Rhi

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