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Weekend Reading [04/19-04/21] :: Coveting new PNR titles!

You may or may not have noticed that today was a busy day here at RhiReading. This weekend, Entangled's Covet imprint is relaunching with two of the original titles from the line and three new ones. This has been the imprint I was most excited to promote for so long that I have been starting to mope about the lack of new releases. The good news is there're all of these releases this weekend and a whole lot more coming in May!

I've already read 3 of these so this weekend it's working on the other 2. GONE WITH THE WOLF by Kristin Miller—who is a real sweetheart for contacting me when she saw I was trying to track down a publicist about the relaunch—and THE DEMON'S SONG by Kendra Leigh Castle which I started yesterday. Fallen angels and werewolves... yep, this is gonna be a great weekend.

So what do you think of the new covers for DECEIVING THE WITCH NEXT DOOR and TALL, DARK, AND DIVINE? You can see the old ones here and here. I have to say that the one for TDD really fits how I pictured Eros and though I loved the original for DTWND I think the new one has a much more PNR feel to it.

What are you reading this weekend? Got any non-reading plans of interest? My poor hubs has to work all weekend and I'll have all 3 kids so I don't know how much actual reading time I'll get. I'm also staring at about 8 loads of laundry to fold and put away. *blech* This is when I wish I owned more audiobooks. lol

Have a great weekend and be on the lookout next week for reviews of the new Covet titles. -- Rhi


Unknown said...

Glad I could help hook you up on Facebook. :)

And I hope you enjoy the books! They *are* absolutely gorgeous covers.


Unknown said...
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