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Guestpost: Author Lisa Kessler [NIGHT DEMON Blog Tour +giveaway!]

Let's Talk Villains…

Big thanks to Rhianna for the blog spot today!

(Anytime Lisa! ♥)
Since we both share a fondness for a good villain, I thought it'd be fun to dig into it a little further.

(Yay for unravelling the most interesting characters in fiction!)
My love of villains started with the Evil Queen from Disney's Snow White. Don't get me wrong, she terrified me as a kid! Yikes! But as I got older, it was easy to see that the Evil Queen was driving that story. In fact, without the Evil Queen, Snow White never would have run away into the forest and met the seven dwarves. The prince never would have caught her singing, and we wouldn't have gotten love's first kiss.
It was the Evil Queen, and her crazed need to be “The Fairest of the All” that forced Snow White out of her comfort zone, and when the huntsman let the Queen down, she took matters in to her own hands, willing to disfigure her looks to complete her mission.

That's a passionate villain I can respect.

As a reader, I grew up on horror. Nothing makes me turn pages faster than wondering if the characters I love are going to live. And that love of life and death tension carried over into my writing. I relish an intelligent and somewhat twisted villain who is ALMOST more than the hero can handle.

Since Night Walker hit the shelves, I have loved hearing from readers that they hated Jose and wanted to yell to Calisto that he was the bad guy. When Night Walker went through edits, I was concerned that my editor might want me to tone down the villain a notch or two, but in the end… She asked me to write two more short scenes for him at the beginning of the book! Yay!

(Dear readers, you can read my review of Night Walker and see that Jose was one of the parts I loved most. A villain that makes you terrified for the hero or heroine is a thing of beauty in my humble opinion.)
And now that Night Demon is out I can tell you there is more than one villain. One is a force of nature with unquenchable thirst and hunger, and the other desires to end this world and start a new one. So while our heroes need to stop the all-powerful Night Demon, they also discover the double-cross by one of their own.

(I didn't actually mention the villain situation in my review for Night Demon, or it would have been twice as long, but the double-cross and the force of nature make for some seriously exciting page turning in Night Demon, you have to read it!)

I know that dark paranormal isn't for everyone, but for me, nothing raises the tension more than raising the body count… LOL

So what about you? What's your favorite type of villain? Do you love a good contemporary with an evil ex girlfriend who ALMOST gets the hero back again? Or maybe you love a romantic suspense that keeps you guessing if the hero is really the killer? 

What keeps you turning pages until the wee hours of the morning? Can't wait to hear… J


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Anonymous said...

I totally agree! You gotta have a good Bad Boy! Excellent Guest Post! Hi Lisa!


Unknown said...

I LOVE bad boys! My stories preferably have a bad boy, a strong woman, and lots of action (of the bloody or fighting kind).

Rhianna said...

I've always loved a somewhat over-the-top villain who can't get it right when it comes to cartoons and such. In fiction I definitely lean toward the more cunning and willing to do whatever it takes types, the ones that may or may not have a great backstory as to why they do the things they do. Especially ones who you find a sympathetic feeling for even when you don't want to. Fanatics (like Jose) always make great ones because you know the hero and heroine are in serious danger and it keeps that tension and urgency compelling.

Lisa Kessler said...

Hi Wendy! *waving* Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

I'm all for the bloody fighting kind of action, Priscilla! I hate being told a character is strong and powerful but it's never tested...

Thanks for commenting!

Lisa :)

Lisa Kessler said...

I agree Rhianna!!! And as a reader I love feeling the danger and urgency even if the hero and heroine may not realize it yet... :)

Thanks for the blog spot!

Lisa :)

Unknown said...

I love villains that you love to hate. I also like the ones that there's more to them than just being a villain, makes the story interesting.


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