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Weekend Reading [03/22-03/24] :: Now with more bacon flavor!

Admit it... you've totally smashed a spider with one of your books and felt worse for the book than the spider... *shifty eyes*

So I went to the post office today. I was wearing my Princess Leia hoodie and forgot until the mail clerk commented on it. Whooooops. Worse... I stopped to get a Powerball ticket and a cappucino on the way home and did it a-freakin'-gain! *facepalm*

So this weekend the hubs and I are playing a bit of catch-up since he just got off a 9 day work stretch. We're gonna do some popcorn and soda with the teenagers (OMG I hate admitting the kids are that old) and watch The Hobbit. We saw it in the theater and I know purists hated it but heck with you pursists... I have two words: HOT DWARVES. Of course when I went with the guys all they could talk about was backlit Galadriel. Apparently they don't like short, hairy guys as much as I do. :P

What are your weekend plans? I'm working on NIGHT DEMON and so far it's slow. Not in a bad way, but in the way that means I'm getting frustrated waiting for a big fight or some smoochies. It doesn't help that for the first time in months I didn't have insomnia and was sleepy BEFORE midnight. That never happens to me. So as much as I wanted to keep reading I had to put the book down and sleep.

On that note I am off to feed these people some dinner so we can get our hobbit action on before too late. Have a fab weekend! -- Rhi

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