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Weekend Reading [03/15-03/17] :: Wishing you luck & smexy books!

What has your week been like dear readers? I'm in that phase of healing from being sick where you're well enough to function but still symptomatic enough to really hate life. Don'tcha hate that?
I've been admittedly not very focused with my reading this week. Some of it was being sick, a little bit of it was having the hubs out of town on business and spending that time juggling kid stuff, and part of it is me trying to get my Tastefully Simple business started. The latter is really exciting but I need two more people to host parties between now and the 14th of April so I'm in scramble mode. lol
This has, however, been an exciting week if you're a social media nerd watching the happenings around your favorite authors and publishers. Pre-orders are up for Lisa Kessler's NIGHT DEMON and Kit Rocha's BEYOND CONTROL released early! BEYOND SHAME is sale priced at 99¢ right now as well so if you haven't picked it up now's a great time to buy. Next week both series have release day parties on Facebook so be sure to join in the one for BC and the one for ND for chances to win prizes and celebrate these much anticipated reads. :D

This weekend I'm hoping to get my ARC of BEYOND CONTROL finished up. So far it's fabulous and dirty and I am dying to get BEYOND PAIN into my hands now that there've been more teases of Bren and Six. My other read, HIS RELUCTANT RANCHER has also been ridiculously good. I honestly didn't think I was going to like it and yet I actually nodded off trying to read it a couple of nights ago. When that happens it's 'cause I'm sooo tired but can't make myself stop reading. Anyone have a recent read that was that good? What's on your agenda this weekend?

The hubs has a rotten work schedule right now so it looks like it'll be me working and doing the mom thing all weekend. Here's hoping I can get those 2 parties I need booked by Monday, so I can focus on books more next week. That'd be super cool and would let me flex my party muscle. I'm so nervous about messing up my shpeel as I talk products but it's actually a lot like what I do here, just in person. Crazy, huh?

Much love and wishes that you'll have a happy, reading and ♣ luck-filled ♣ weekend! -- Rhi

P.S. -- Still lots of giveaways going on here at RhiReading including a Kindle, Amazon giftcards, and of course, books! Be sure and check the sidebar for which posts to check out.

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