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Weekend Reading [03/01-03/03] :: Partied Out & Swamped

Happy Friday guys! I've had a surprisingly awesome day. I hosted a Tastefully Simple party last night that turned out nicely. When I'm not geeking on books I geek on food. When I was 16 I was trying to decide between going to art school in Seattle for Fashion Design or Culinary Arts. In another life I would have gone into costuming for TV or film most likely or perhaps be doing something fabulously epic in a 5 star restaurant somewhere. :)

I'm kind of bummed it's already March. I'm VERY behind on reading for reviewing purposes so I have to skip out on the GraveTells Book Club for the month. *cries* But I'm loving A Taste of Trouble, it's just... another one of those books that's like a movie in my head. Gina has quickly become one of my new favorite authors.

I'm hoping to sit down and read a bunch tomorrow. This week was packed with distractions. How was your week? Once I get A Taste of Trouble finishing I'm going to need to start From Here to Eternity. Not only do I love the premise but Paige will be visiting on Thursday. Gotta get a jump on that. ;)

Anywho, I am pooped after all the party prep, party itself, cleanup, and a nice little date-night to see Warm Bodies—which I fucking loved BTW—I'm going to go crack open a bottle of wine and watch Banshee.

-- Rhi

P.S. -- if anyone needs some seriously yummy stuff to serve at their next book club meeting... I need a few more orders to hit the next bracket for my party. There's some awesome stuff right now because they have their season overlap happening this week. I recommend the Samba Sangria Slush, Chocolate Ugly Cake, and Chunky Artichoke Dip Starter. Check 'em out here: http://tinyurl.com/asq47pn

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