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Review: A Taste of Trouble by Gina Gordon

A Taste of Trouble by Gina Gordon
Contemporary Romance
Ebook $3.99 (216 pages, ENTANGLED EDGE)
When Liv Crawford decided to pursue her dream of owning her own bakery, it was no surprise that she forgot to add “maintaining a serious relationship” to her business plan. Not when she believes a cupcake can fix anything, even loneliness.
Jake Miller isn’t concerned about being lonely. He’s cast aside his playboy lifestyle to pursue something more meaningful, his passion for photography. So, when his boss asks him to pursue a beautiful woman and coerce her to his office for a disguised meeting—no matter what it takes—in exchange for the opportunity to turn his hobby into a career, he jumps at the chance. At first sight, Liv awakens his long-buried desire for commitment, but his secret mission could ruin his hopes of keeping her.
Despite Liv’s commitment to swear off relationships to run her bakery, Jake quickly becomes her number one distraction. Yet, even her misgivings can’t tame the heat as they straddle the line between love and ambition.

Author Site: ginagordon.net

Guilty pleasure reading at its finest! (5 stars)

Liv Crawford is hard at work making her dream of owning her own bakery come true when Jake Miller walks into her life. But getting Cupcake! ready for its grand opening is proving to be riddled with unexpected troubles and expenses. She doesn't have time for a meaningful relationship, but a playboy like Jake could certainly provide a little stress relief between problems.

Jake, however, has more than one thing motivating his interest in Liv, a tangled mess that could ruin his professional life if he makes the wrong move. When his boss sent him to get Liv to meet with him he didn't expect to start feeling the same way about her as he does his passion for photography. Can two people motivated by their passions overcome the obstacles to find a lasting desire for one another?

Woah buddy... let me tell you. This is one of those books I didn't really want to write a review for. Because it's THAT good. The kind of read that's just like a cupcake. You've got your filling cake part and the luciously sweet icing to make it a balanced read that's difficult to put down. Cheesy analogy? Yeah. But it fits. Gordon is fast becoming a favorite author of mine because she creates a scene and then populates it with characters in such a way you don't forget them. They play in your head like a movie. Liv and Jake seemed like they'd be really cliche in the blurb but manage to be very likable and skate that line between being tropey and unique, in a good way. There's chemistry oozing off the pages and a well built cast of secondary characters support them through the romance.

If you love your romances with a nice bit of heat I am certain I'm not the only reader who will be telling her friends and followers to read this for 'the icing scene'. Just thinking about it makes me want to make a batch of buttercream. And that's all you need to know. ;)

If you need a fun but not totally light and giggly romance to read over a weekend this is just the kind of book I think you'll enjoy. It's sexy and a little sad at just the right moments and ultimately leaves you with a well earned HEA for a couple that you'll be rooting for from that first spark of chemistry between them.

Notes: ARC received via publisher.

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