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Review: Entanglement by Dan Rix

Entanglement by Dan Rix
Young Adult, Dystopian, Romance
Ebook $2.99 (235 pages, SELFPUBLISHED)
In a world like ours, humans are born in pairs. When a newborn boy takes his first breath in the coastal town of Tularosa, the exact time is noted, recorded in the Registry, and later compared to the birth times of other newborns around the globe. There will be one identical match—his half. They will meet on their eighteenth birthday and they will spend their lives together. Except this time, there is no match.
Hotheaded heartthrob Aaron Harper is scheduled to meet his half in twenty-nine days, and he doesn’t buy a word of that entanglement crap. So what if he and his half were born the same day and share a spooky psychic connection? Big deal. After breaking one too many teenage girls’ hearts, he’ll stick to brawling with the douchebag rugby players any day.
Until the day a new girl arrives at school and threatens everything he takes for granted.
Cold and unapproachable, Amber Lilian hates the growing list of similarities between her and the one boy she can’t read, Aaron: born the same day, both stubborn, both terrified of meeting their halves. . . . All the more reason not to trust him. That she would rather die than surrender herself as her half’s property is none of his damn business. But once lost in Aaron’s dangerous, jet black eyes, she’s already surrendered more than she cares to admit.
Tangled in each other’s self-destructive lives, Aaron and Amber learn the secret behind their linked births and why they feel like halves—but unless they can prove it before they turn eighteen, Aaron faces a lifetime alone in a world where everyone else has a soulmate . . . and he’ll have to watch Amber give herself to a boy who intends to possess not only her body but also a chunk of her soul.
Entanglement combines young adult dystopian with a little science fiction, fantasy, and romance. If you enjoy books like The Hunger Games, Divergent, Matched, and Delirium, then you will devour this novel.

Author Site: danrixauthor.blogspot.com

Great writing, not-so-great world-building (4 stars)

Quantum Entanglement. I'm not sure whether to love or hate the concept. It's an exciting 'what-if' to see an author play with but really doesn't allow for plausible world building. When Aaron's story begins it seems like a pretty straight forward dystopian romance, will the girl he's falling for be his Half. But it's never that simple and the problems just get thicker and thicker for him as he grows ever closer to his 18th birthday, the day he'll meet his match and their psychic connection will be complete. Amber and their push-and-pull relationship makes for great dramatic tension but it's so much more than that. I'm honestly finding it difficult to ellaborate because it's the sort of story you need to read and let happen organically or it feels like a spoiler to give you too much.

What I can say, is that conceptually, it's very exciting. A world where you meet the person your mind is essentially psychicly bound to and you live happily ever after. What's not to like about seeing that played out in traditional dystopian rebellion? Well... it's the myriad of questions that unravel the potential for any of it to be possible that I found problematic. I won't go into them because I want other readers to have the opportunity to reach the conclusions I did on their own—or be fortunate enough not to suspend disbelief enough to NOT have that problem.

Aaron and Amber are fairly likable characters but I felt like both lacked something that I never quite put my finger on. The secondary cast is very cliched and almost cartoonish which I didn't like but might suit younger readers who don't read a lot of the genre might enjoy. Chances are, if you read a lot of dystopian fiction like I do, you'll see the end coming from the start but feel satisfied none-the-less.

Ultimately, in spite of what probably seems like a very negative review I liked ENTANGLEMENT. Rix has a writing style that I liked a lot, building great tension and suspense. I was holding my breath on more than one occasion! In spite of the world building being very weak—and having the same issues as Lauren Oliver's DELIRIUM—it's the sort of romantic dystopian that young adult readers will love. If you loved DELIRIUM or CHOSEN ONES by Tiffany Truitt be sure and read ENTANGLEMENT!

Notes: Review copy received via author.

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