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Weekend Reading [02/22-02/24] :: Cupcakes & Superheroes

Every week the first line I always seem to type for this post is 'what a busy week' or something to that effect. When you're a mom it can be a very difficult thing knowing how to balance being a 'good mom' and knowing when that entails letting something go. A sink full of dishes. Making a frozen pizza for dinner. Letting the kid wear mismatched socks. Putting off changing sheets another day.
I'm still learning how to be a good mom while still chasing my own dreams a little. Alas, today can't be on of those days so let me post a quick weekend reading and leave you to yours. ;)

This weekend I'm working on the first story from the Holding Out for a Hero anthology, Scarlett Fever. I just love a good superhero romance and this anthology is packed full of them. My other read is A Taste of Trouble by Gina Gordon which I've only barely started. There's just way too much happening in my daytimes to fit any reading in until bedtime. So wish me some free time this weekend... I darn sure need it! -- Rhi

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