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Weekend Reading [02/08-02/10] :: Viruses & Missing Pages!

Where did the week go? Tuesday I thought Friday would never get here and here it is Friday and I don't know how it got here so fast. lol It's been a royally insane week behind the scenes. Lots of reading and working on reviews going on, interviews being written and formatted, and that sort of thing.

But I've hit a bit of a road block for the weekend because my own computer—which I rarely get to use since it's downstairs and I spend most of the day upstairs with the tot—was infected with some hardcore nasty malware. I'm really good at getting rid of most stuff on my own but my antivirus and 4 different spyware/adware/malware programs haven't been able to do it. So I had to seek help and it's a very slow process. I'm hoping to write about it for the other blog in case anyone of you ever has a similar issue.

My husband grilled me about how I could have gotten it but the thing is... I pretty much only visit a few sites like blogger, facebook, and Amazon from that computer. There was only one site I had visited in the week that it could have come from. Talk about frustrating!

While we're on the subject of menfolk... how many of you know guys who are rabid readers? Adam finished the book he'd been working on this week so I suggested he try VANILLA ON TOP by C.J. Ellisson... and OMG he is reading it! I figured he'd go a chapter or two and tell me I was daft for suggesting it. Just proves guys like a smutty book too. ;)

This weekend I was going to work on DEVIL MAY CARE but my damned PDF is blank on 5 pages!!! Until the publicist gets back to me I'm stuck on page 32. Boo! So I think I'll get started on KEEPING SECRETS IN SEATTLE from my girl Brooke Moss. Her books are great but truth be told I wish we had met IRL before I read her books 'cause she's just an amazing woman I would love to hang with. There's something very real and emotional in her stories that shines through... aad I've been so excited for this book.

Well, we've got a dinner party thing to go to tonight and I plan on actually ironing something to wear and putting on makeup so I better get going. Leave a comment letting me know what you're reading this weekend! -- Rhi

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