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Guestpost: Author Gina Gordon [RECIPE FOR SATISFACTION Blog Tour + Giveaway!]

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I am absolutely thrilled to have author Gina Gordon visiting today. When the time came to talk about guestpost topics I hadn't yet received my copy of RECIPE FOR SATISFACTION, all I knew was what the blurb told me... and if there's anything in the contemporary romance shelves I have a weakness for it's one where food has a significance. While not the center of the storyline, food plays a very important role in RFS. With all four Madewood brothers being chefs, their series is sure to inspire you both in the kitchen and in the bedroom so I begged Gina to cover a very special topic just for us... enjoy!

-- Rhi

The most romantic day of the year is fast-approaching. Valentine’s Day. It’s a day of hearts, roses, love and lingerie. But also…food.

Food, when enjoyed with the right person, can be a very sensual experience and there are some foods that are said to heighten the experience to erotic levels.

Aphrodisiacs. The slow, sensual slide of an oyster or the smooth, rich texture of chocolate can make any meal sexy. These are probably the two most well-known aphrodisiacs and when eaten can help set the stage for what happens after dinner ☺

But do common foods like chocolate actually increase our libido and rev up our engines? Or is it all in our heads? I’m not a scientist but I do know that the taste of dark chocolate is very satisfying.

In my new book, Recipe for Satisfaction, Chef Jack Vaughn knows all about how to satisfy a woman in the kitchen. Being a Madewood brother, he knows even more about satisfying a woman in the bedroom. Combine those talents and you have an extremely potent male ready to work his magic on a shy and unassuming heroine. And when Jack cooks Sterling a three-course meal and feeds it to her, he sets her libido on its toes and her taste buds on sensory overload.

So if you’re planning a dinner for that someone special this Valentine’s Day, why not try one of the items below and give your meal an extra sexy kick.

      1. Honey
      2. Avocado
      3. Chili peppers
      4. Champagne
      5. Cinnamon
      6. Nutmeg
      7. Chocolate
      8. Oysters

About Gina Gordon:

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