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Weekend Reading [01/11- 01/13] :: Food-centric Romance & the Trouble with Alpha Males

Stolen from Sutter Home's FB!
TGIF! Is it just me or is the week after a 'vacation' always this draining?

I'm getting interviews for upcoming blog tours written up and slowly hacking away at the overflow of reviews I'm behind on. But I've also had a lot going on for RhiAlistic so I apologize for being a slowpoke here.

I'm sooo bummed! We just found out we can't go on our Las Vegas trip we had planned for April. There was a work conflict for Adam so we're going to have to miss out. It really sucks! I've wanted to go since I was a kid and now we can't make it. Granted I was wondering how on Earth we'd afford it, but darnit, I was getting really excited. :(

One book I am currently working on I don't even want to name. I feel rotten that it's going to have a low star review but there are genuine reasons it's going to rate as a 'Didn't like it' on my rating scale. How do you guys feel about 'bad reviews'? As a reviewer I feel it's essential to your integrity to be upfront when you don't care for a book as long as there are legitimate reasons whether a matter of taste, problems with editing (and I'm not talking about typos), or simply finding the story slow or poorly executed. But this particular one I'm working on is making me feel like an asshole. If I hadn't told the author I would review it I wouldn't even finish it.

I'm still working on FATED for the GraveTells book club too. I'm getting the feeling this series will be a bit like the BDB for me... not digging the first book but probably will like the ones that follow. Conceptually, it's interesting and the writing is great but I H-A-T-E Talen. He's the kind of alpha hero that I despise. The things he does to Cara against her will make me angry. Oh, I'm just protecting you. I know what's best for you. No matter what you say/feel/think I'm going to bulldoze over anything and everything you say and do what I want because I have zero respect for you as a person. That kind of shit is NOT sexy. It's the kind of abusive shit I grew up with and never, ever want to have happen to me again. How do you guys feel about the bulldozer alpha male types?

I'm hoping I can finish the one book I'm not liking that I've got to review sometime tonight so that I can get started on the one book I've been excited for since I read the blurb for it in the back of one of the Brazen launch titles, RECIPE FOR SATISFACTION! I'm developing a bit of a food-centric romance fetish, so wrong and so right at the same time. ;)

On that note I am off to make some dinner for the family so I might actually find some reading time before bed. Have a glorious weekend in reading and do tell what it is that's got you engrossed between the pages right now! -- Rhi

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Unknown said...

Bd reviews are OK as long as its constructive. I sometimes understand why some authors sound off on bad reviews because the feedback is (1) uninformed (like rating it low without even reading the book or (2) it became personal with name calling and such.

I hope you get to go on a vacay soon!

melindeeloo said...

It is hard to write a negative review especially when dealing with an author directly (it's why I generally won't accept ARCs from an author), but as a reader, I always read the negative reviews and find them helpful as long as they are not just insults and the reviewer tells me why the book didn't work for them.

On the alpha issue, I absolutely agree about that kind of alpha - they always send up my stalker/abuser red flag and it is hard for me sometimes to accept that the heroine is not just deluding herself about him (and that she doesn't realize that she's being victimized by his treatment.) So no, not sexy at all.


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