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S.O.S. :: Seeking On Sunday Meme (#4)

Seeking On Sunday is a once-a-month meme hosted by RhiReading to bring together readers who are looking for book suggestions. It is open to any blogger on the 2nd Sunday of each month who wishes to post one of the following:

  • an 'If you like this book/series/author, I think you will enjoy this book/series/author because...' suggestion post
  • a post seeking commentors' book suggestions within a certain set of terms
  • a post seeking the name of a book the blogger can recall details about but can't remember the name of

This is for ALL bloggers, not just book bloggers! If you're seeking bread baking books or suggesting board books for babies or having a difficult time finding the name of the romance novel you read the blurb of while standing in line at the grocery store this meme is for you. Here is a great example of how you can do it.

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This month I'm seeking...

Alright, so this month I'm not actually seeking book suggestions. I've kind of run out of things I'm looking for at the moment. Instead I thought I'd throw up a few recommendations of the non-fictional variety that could help you with your New Year's Resolutions.

If you resolved to declutter your home...
Flanagan's Smart Home: The 98 Essentials for Starting Out, Starting Over, Scaling Back -- My Review

If you resolved to cut back on fast food...
Help! My Apartment Has a Kitchen Cookbook: 100 + Great Recipes with Foolproof Instructions -- My Review

If you resolved to get more organized...
The Easy Organizer: 365 Tips for Conquering Clutter -- I'm currently working on this one!

If you resolved to work on your relationships...
The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts -- I haven't ever reviewed this but it gave me so much perspective on my complicated relationships from my marriage to my parental units.

If you resolved to finally fix that leak or broken toilet without a man's help...
Dare to Repair : A Do-it-Herself Guide to Fixing (Almost) Anything in the Home -- Another one I haven't reviewed but has helped me when I can't rely on the hubs or FIL for help.

If you resolved to try more DIY upcycling...
Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase -- Just one of many crafting books you can use for inspiration.

If you resolved to be more green...
Make Your Place: Affordable & Sustainable Nesting Skills -- One of my fave home resources from beauty and cleaning to gardening and first aid!

If you resolved to have a better 'love life'...
Great Sex, Naturally: Every Woman's Guide to Enhancing Her Sexuality Through the Secrets of Natural Medicine -- My Review

I hope you're all doing well sticking to any resolutions you may have made and that maybe one or more of these books will be helpful. I'm loving The Easy Organizer so far, it's helping me with one of my goals for 2013.
See you next month for more S.O.S.!
-- Rhi 

If your blog or post contain strong sexual description or steamy photos please add (18+) behind your blog's name in the linky so anyone who does not want to view such can choose whether or not to visit your meme post. Thanks! :)

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Unknown said...

I like to read non-fiction and human interest stories sometimes. Have you read all of those? If you then you're AWESOME!

Happy weekend!
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