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Weekend Reading [12/14-12/16] :: Catching Up and still BUSY as hell.

I'm absolutely wiped out dear readers. There's been some trouble in my private life that kind of set me spinning and somehow in the midst of it I reinjured my neck. I'm absolutely miserable. I'm having a hard time sleeping on top of it. Why couldn't all this arrise after the holiday stress was over?

I am, however, trying very hard to get some of those pending reviews completed. It's been a handful of books that are tough to review all at once so it's been frustrating. Now if only I wasn't 2 books behind on my reading goal for the year. :(

What an awful day though. Hearing about the horrific school shooting back East has my stomach in knots. It makes it hard to want to send your children out into the world. Ever. My heart goes out to those poor children who survived that, for the fear and horror it's brought them and to the families of those who were slain. Stuff like this makes me just want to live in books where the bad guys rarely win and when something bad happens you know it's not real.

Lots of work to do here in casa de Walker this weekend. We finally got the paint for the dress-up closet project and we're going to get on top of that tonight. Then tomorrow we have a Christmas party to go to. I'm actually kind of looking forward to it. I don't get out with adults enough. lol Yesterday was our son's holiday concert and man were they good for 7th graders. I was super proud. I'm hoping this means violin will be a lifelong passion for him. :)

Last night I finished A Galactic Holiday which was freaking awesome. If you love scifi romances DO NOT miss out on it! It's going to get a 5 star rating from me when I get the review written up. Now I'm still on the GraveTells Book Club reread of North of Need and I started Indigo Awakening by Jordan Dane. I'm about 10% in but really confused so far on the latter. It releases on Tuesday so hopefully I can get a jump on it between projects, parties, and finalizing Christmas cards. I loved one of Dane's books and didn't care for another so it'll be interesting to see what comes of it. OH! And if you're interested 10 copies of Indigo Awakening are being given away on Goodreads.

Well... I just realized I've got to get dinner started and figure out what's going on with my kids. Much to accomplish still today and only one me to do it. I hope you all have some fun, festive weekend plans and that you'll tell me all about them—and what book you're currently devouring—in the comments! ♥ -- Rhi

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