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Weekend Reading [12/07-12/09] :: Happy Hanukkah & whatcha reading?

Drat! The hubs was away on business all week so we carved out this afternoon to go see a movie together. Ever since we got home I've had the start of a headache coming on. Now I'm getting migraine symptoms. Grrrrr. So I'll try and make this short and sweet...
Saw BD:2 and owe thanks to everyone who behaved and didn't spoil the little twist there for me. Even knowing there was one I didn't see it coming. I was actually pretty pleased with it aside from a few cringey silly parts. It was nice to see the credits went full on for all 5 flicks' cast. Our son started laughing at us for going to see Twilight... as all 13-year-old boys have to (duh!) but I'm still glad we spent the astronomical amount of money a movie ticket costs anyway. ;) Anyone else who's not a Twihard still enjoy the films?
This weekend we've got our Christmas project for the tot to work on again and we're hoping to get our Star Wars tree decorated. Speaking of trees... you have got to check out one of my bestie's pics from the Festival of Tree that benefits Primary Children's Medical Center, the facility that cared for her little boy when he was born with a heart defect. I wish I could go see all those trees in person. Very cool!
This weekend is also time for another S.O.S. meme... I'd love to see anyone participate! Even if it's not until later in the week. I have a recommendation request already ready to go so be sure and drop in to answer, it's a broad one.
I'll be continuing my re-read of Laura Kaye's NORTH OF NEED and the first story from A GALACTIC HOLIDAY which seems pretty fitting to my weekend project. Scifi Romance plus Christmas = Geekgasm. I liked Stacy Gail's short from last winter's Steampunk Christmas anthology from Carina Press and so far this one is good.

Anywho, the nausea and light sensitivity is kicking into high gear. Time to go figure out dinner and take my meds so I can survive the rest of the evening without sticking my head in the oven. :P Have a good one... and as always... tell me what you're reading! -- Rhi

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