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W.R. [11/30-12/02] :: Holiday projects, saving $$$, & books of course!

I love buying gifts for the people I love... but gawd do I hate shopping. It's, of course, that time of the year again. I'm not actually all that big on Christmas. Considering the 'reason for the season' it makes no sense for me to celebrate it at all. With no offense intended to any of you my dear readers... I've been quite perturbed with the Christian community as a whole of late. It's not fair of me to judge an entire collective of folks based on their choice of religion but it seems like lately the ones in my family and many of the blogging groups I've come across have done a thorough job of offending me or being hipocritical. Coming from the Christian childhood I had the whole lot of it has just left a sour taste in my mouth which ruins the season for me a bit. I'd kind of love it if people forgot the reason for the season an just enjoyed some good old fashioned give and get, overeat and overspend. lol
This year, money's tighter than ever even though I've worked my butt off couponing, taking surveys, and such to save or earn extra money. But that doesn't mean it'll be a sucky holiday. We're just getting more creative. Which has meant I was a bit busy this week and fell down on the job blogging. One of our gifts this year is a dress-up closet for the tot. The old dresser I was using for holding craft stuff I rarely use is getting a major make-over which has been a bit of a big undertaking for the hubs and I... neither of us is all that handy. But with wood putty, fabric and spray adhesive, paint, new drawer pulls, and a few other things we're hoping it will be amazing because I scored a bunch of clearanced halloween costumes (mostly Monster High ones no less!) for $2 and under after Halloween. It is taking a lot of my spare time to work on it and my other gift giving.
I'm hoping to get caught up on reviews over the course of the next week. I'm not getting a lot of time to read by day and our evenings have been really chaotic with school stuff, party invites, and trying to catch up on the TV shows I've been missing. I have two guests coming up in the next ten days and think the next couple of weeks I'll be focusing a little bit on holiday themed fiction. I could really use the seasonal spirit boost. Anyone else love reading a paranormal or romance tale with some Christmas time flavor?

Right now I'm working on Jane's Gift which is very outside my usual taste in plot but has that sort of goopy romantic fluff that I know lots of readers loooove. ;) It's sweet and so far pretty enjoyable, I can easily put myself in Jane's shoes which helps me root for the HEA. The author has a couple of other holiday short stories I might have to check out that are currently only 99¢ on Amazon, Fairies & Wishes, Santa Baby, and A Very Sexy Christmas.

I hope y'all get some time to read this weekend, the hubs had to swap days with someone who needed it so we're not gonna be doing our tree like we'd hoped. *pout* But hopefully we'll find some time to at least start it... I'm sick of looking at it all naked. lol Drop in and tell me what you're reading eh?

And now I'm off to make dinner so I can then pack us up to go get the fabric I mentioned earlier... using my 50% off coupon before it expires. ;) -- Rhi

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